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What would you do?

I am beyond pissed.  My mail order pharmacy royally messd up my Nuvaring order by shipping it even though I told them not to, so it ended up  sitting on the front porch in 105 degree for four days over Labor Day.  3 months of medication, gone, just like that, and they won't do an early
refill.  I have one in now and one more left and after that, I am apparently expected to skip the ring for three months until my next
refill shows up.  I don't think so.  Birth control is one thing, but the effect on my period by doing that is something I'm not willing to deal with.  I
called a few doctors to see about a new precription (we've moved) and every single one wants to do an exam - which I JUST had done in May, but they won't even accept those records.  What would you do?

1.  Skip the three months and keep using Nuvaring after that
2.  Suck it up and get another exam so you don't miss a month
3.  Say screw it and start using condoms even though you and your husband both HATE them
4.  Just get pregnant since you're getting old and running out of time anyway (no, I'm not 100% serious)

I'm just so furious now I can't think straight.

By the way, my first prescription for it was done without an exam because I'd just had one.  What's the deal with doctors in this area refusing to
write me another one unless THEY do it?  For crying out loud, I'm 31 years old, didn't have sex until I was married at 30, he's my only partner, and I just had an exam in four months ago.  I'm pretty freaking low risk.
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