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who are you, and what have you done with my period?

Help me, vagina superstars!

In the last four months, my period has changed completely.  I used to have these kind of awful all-uterus-clearance sales, where I would go through three heavy-flow tampons in twelve hours, lasting for about 4 days, plus two spotting on the end and one at the beginning.  I had horrible cramps, GI problems, but relatively little moodiness (other than being whiny because I was in pain).
Now I have huge mood swings, constant teariness for the entire week, much easier cramps and fewer GI issues, and a light, light period...that lasts for two weeks.  I'm barely qualified to use a pad or tampon any more, but I'm bleeding for a minimum of ten days, and my maximum was fifteen, with one day of 'spotting' - though everything else was just the tiniest step above spotting; streaking? maybe.

I'm not using BC, haven't for years, nor made any huge diet changes.  I moved in with my partner this summer, and while we've been having penetrative sex less frequently, for obvious reasons (the sight of blood gives him an involuntary mental squick that means no effective PIV sex), we're still intimate and orgasmic just as often, I would estimate.  I'm about 26, monogamous, nulliparous.

Never having been a girl who resented her period, I was nonetheless pleased to be having lighter flow, except that it goes on so freaking long!  I guess I'm not really looking for a way to revert to my previous condition (since I figure that's probably impossible), but is there an explanation for this / a way to cut it short?

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