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The other day, Kimberly Hall posted an open letter to teenage girls on her website. It admonished girls to stop taking sexy selfies and sharing them online, and it got a LOT of response from folks all over the internet. Today, we're rounding up some of those responses, and asking you to share your own! (Note for context: Hall's original post has been edited since this all went down, in response to criticism. Originally, the post featured entirely or almost entirely photos of her shirtless, flexing sons at the beach, and there have also been a couple of wording changes.)

Here's the post in question: FYI (if you're a teenage girl)

"Will you trust me? There are boys out there waiting and hoping for women of character. Some young men are fighting the daily uphill battle to keep their minds pure, and their thoughts praiseworthy – just like you."

And here are some of the responses.

Concerned Mom: Slutty Girl's Selfies Are Tempting My Perfect Sons

"Respect everyone regardless of their gender/sexuality/appearance," she might've said. "Don't worry! It's okay if you have sexual feelings! You're a sexual being! Girls are too. That doesn't mean you can treat them like objects. You and you alone are responsible for your thoughts and actions. Get over this Madonna-whore complex while you still can."

Dear Mrs. Hall, by

"It feels as if you know these girls personally. Austin is a big place, but you seem like the kind of mom who would know their children’s friends and taking into consideration the sharing of photos, it’s an easy leap. Did you contact the girl or girls mentioned to share your disappointment personally or was it more expedient and humiliating to just lay them bare on the pages of your blog?"

Dear Mrs Hall, regarding your FYI...(from Put Down The Urinal Cake)

"The last issue I had with your letter was on the subject of second chances. “And so, in our house,” you wrote, “there are no second chances, ladies. If you want to stay friendly with the Hall men, you’ll have to keep your clothes on, and your posts decent. If you try to post a sexy selfie, or an inappropriate YouTube video – even once – you’ll be booted off our on-line island.” And I guess, to be completely honest here, the reason this made me so sad is because I’m someone who needed a second chance as a young woman. And a third chance. And a fourth chance. Infinity chances, really."

FYI (if you're a human being) at

"Because she's learning. She just got this new body, her whole life is changing, she doesn't quite yet know what it all means, but she likes attention, she likes being pretty, she likes exploring who she may eventually become. And that isn't wrong.

And your boys paying attention to that isn't wrong, either. They are growing, too. This is a natural step in the boy-girl process and rather than shield your poor, innocent sons from the brazen, wanton come-on of the duck-face pose, perhaps you could empower your boys[...]instill in them the notion that they can be attracted to a girl or woman, and they can still treat her with respect and obey certain boundaries."

Koa Beck at's response

"The real issue here is sexist perception and the fact that we’ve culturally deemed a young girl in pajamas as innately salacious, but young men in bathing suits showing off their bods is just a wholesome PG time for all."

And this piece, while not a response to Hall (it was published before her piece went viral), is relevant and has been being passed around social media as well: Nate Pyle: Seeing A Woman

" It is a woman’s responsibility to dress herself in the morning. It is your responsibility to look at her like a human being regardless of what she is wearing."

So, superstars - what do you think of the piece by Hall? What do you think of the responses? Anything you think needs further discussion? Any criticisms of the criticisms? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

I'm going to be meeting someone for the first time and so I want to get a full wax of my nether regions. I have never had this professionally done. How far in advance should I have this done before meeting him? Should I do it the weekend before, two days before?

Hello Superstars!

I am a college instructor, and I have a freshman student who is transitioning from male to female. I have never before met a person in this stage of transition. She is pre-operative (i hope that's the right term), taking hormones, and dresses/presents as female. She uses a female name and prefers "she," "her," etc. This caused a bit of confusion on the first day, as the class roster lists her under a distinctly male name, but we got through it.

I want to make sure my classroom is a welcoming place for her. My syllabus states that no hate speech (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc) will be tolerated. There have been some strange/dirty looks from other students, some sniggering in the hallways, etc. No one has really bothered her, at least not in the classroom, but I can tell that at times she's not entirely comfortable.

Basically I want to be as supportive as possible without being creepy/overbearing, and I want to make sure that the first semester of college is a positive experience for all of my students. Are there online resources you would recommend? I googled around and the number of sites out there is overwhelming. What should I read?

I realize this question may seem silly/uneducated/ignorant, and that's probably true. I'm not nearly as educated as i'd like to be on trans issues-- so if any of my language offends, or is WAY off base, please let me know!

Help me VP, you're my only hope!
10:47 pm - 09/09/2013

BC Question

Hi VP!

I have a question that I hope you can help me answer.

I have been on the BC pill (Ocella to be exact) for quite a while now. I noticed that I was down to my last pack of pills and so I called the pharmacy to have them refill it. I knew that I was going to be out of refills, but they can get a doctor authorization so that I can get more pills without having to make an appointment right away. I had called in the request with what I thought was enough time to get the needed authorization... well, I was wrong. I am still waiting on my refill...

My question is, when I finally get my new pill pack, when should I start. I have currently missed 2 days, but by the time the pharmacy calls to let me know that it is ready to pick  up, I will have missed more days. Do I start when I get it, or do I start when I get my next period?

Thanks so much!
Hello VP community,

This is my first entry here in this community, and I'm hoping someone here can help me out. I've started to use FAM as my birth control method; I went off HBC about three months ago after being on it for most of my reproductive life (I didn't have regular periods so I was put on the HBC). I've successfully had three regular periods and I've started to get into charting my cycle; I've got a BBT thermometer, I've got a cycle tracking app, and I really think this is a viable, do-able option for me.

HOWEVER. I'm running into problems with testing my cervical mucus. I'm obese and have short, stubby fingers so I find it very difficult to get all the way up to my cervix to get a good sample (forget about actually checking my cervix). I've only been able to get samples from the opening of the vagina and that's not always reliable. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I can do to make this easier? I appreciate any and all ideas!
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