May 22nd, 2013

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AGUS cells, Colposcopy, Etc.

Hi all,

I was hoping you could help me understand what's going on and what questions I need to ask to be take care of my health. Hopefully I have all these details correct, I don't have a copy of my medical record (I do want to get one) but hopefully this is everything...

In summer 2010 I had my first abnormal pap smear. It showed up as atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASC-US). I had a follow up pap that winter, and I believe that is said endocervical cells (I may be incorrect on the type of cells) were not present (they said cells they like to see on a pap smear didn't show up, it wasn't that there were atypical cells this time). They advised me to have another pap smear, which I did in June 2011. I did, and once again they found ASC-US. I had a colposcopy, which they said showed the best result possible.

I had a follow-up pap in January 2012. Normal. I had a follow-up pap in June 2012. Abnormal. They did another colpo and an endocervical curettage (ECC). My colpo they didn't find anything to worry about, but the ECC was concerning. Another abnormal pap smear in December (AGUS), they told me I'd need another colpo in May, which was today.

My doctor has been going over my case with a pathologist and another specialist (apparently he's one of the people that actually writes the guidelines for treatment nationally...) and they saying my results are "incongruent," with my pap is alternating between normal and abnormal and my colpo being normal and my ECC showing up with abnormal cells. If there are abnormal results this round, they will likely do a LEEP.

Anything I should know? Is there anything I should be asking my doctor? For the first time today, I read AGUS cells can (though rarely) be associated with cancer other than cervical cancer. Should I be asking for tests for other sorts of cancer (Ovarian, Fallopian, etc?).

I've really tried to stay sane about this all. I know cervical cancer is very slow moving, the chance of me having cervical cancer is very slim, and even if I did, it would most likely still be in the very early, treatable stages. However, the AGUS does scare me a little.

Any thoughts?

FWIW, I completed my Gardasil when I was 23. I'm 27 now.
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Taking Plan B on period

Hello all!

Last night, I had semi-unprotected sex, by which I mean I put the condom on my partner inside out and we drunkly took it off and put it back on correctly (a safe sex no-no, I know). This morning I woke up with a plan to go get EC, but lo and behold, my period arrived. I know you can still get pregnant on your period, so should I still go grab some EC?  Thanks in advance!
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Mirena: Sudden Period Disappearance + My Vagina Smells Weird

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Hi y'all -- So I've reached two years with my Mirena, which has thus far been a GREAT experience.  I got it to help manage my out-of-control periods and, while I still definitely had a period, it was way easier to cope with than previously.  I can actually sleep through the night and make it through a college lecture without bleeding through multiple forms of protection!  Woot!

My question is "Where is my period and why do I smell strange?"  According to the calendar, i should be having my period right now.  My period has stayed very, very regular on the Mirena, and it's been regular pretty much since I was 17...I'm now 35.  However, I had a couple of days of spotting (Sunday and Monday) and now?  No period.  My last period was completely normal for me, including the bleeding requiring super-absorbent tampons, etc. In other words, it didn't show signs of fading into oblivion.  In addition, at the moment I have a small amount of unusual-smelling discharge and overall just a sweatier-smelling crotch. I keep trying to figure out how to describe the smell -- I think it's mostly very metallic, and the discharge definitely tastes more metallic than usual.  My normal taste is ranges from practically non-existent to very salty mushrooms, so this is a new one. It also doesn't seem to change if I consume more water  I haven't been really aroused since having this problem, so I can't tell if producing lubrication changes the smell.

What do you think is up with this?  I could go to the clinic to get tested for BV, but it will take a few days to sort that out.  Also, I wouldn't really describe the odor as 'fishy,' which I think is what you typically get with BV. If I'm wrong, please let me know?

One possible explanation for the vanishing period is a massive increase in Vitamin E consumption.  I normally take about 1,000 mg of Vitamin E a day to help lighten my period, but in the past couple of weeks i've started eating a lot of chia seed.  Because it's high in Omega-3, I'm now up to about 3,000mg of Omega-3s a day.  I wonder if the elevated levels were what my body needed to respond to the Mirena like other folks who just lose their periods on it. But...still.  It's odd.  I guess it's also possible that the chia is changing my smell, but I've really only noticed it in the past couple of days.


NB: I've only had sex with condoms in the past month, and I took a pregnancy test and am not pregnant.  I'll retest in a few days just to be sure, but I don't think that's the explanation.

FOLLOWUP EDIT -- My period is here.  At least, I'm bleeding a bit more and the peculiar smell is gone. I think it (the period) heard me talking about it?  Or something?  My body is weird.  I eased up a bit on the chia and that might explain the change.
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Annoying Symptoms: Birth Control or Just My Body?

Details: I'm 24, was on the Minipill for 3.5 years (almost continuously), no known hormonal issues (no obvious signs of PCOS or anything).  Occasionally get migraines but also ovarian cysts so I'm on the fence about using a combined pill.

When I started the POP I had no real side effects.  But I've noticed my libido seemed to be lowered over the last half a year.  My periods have also been a bit heavier and crampier, and I've noticed more dark hair growing on my chin/nipples (which started a little when I first began the minipill).  About 3 months ago, my pharmacy switched me to a different generic of my pill, and I spent the month as a PMS-y emotional mess, but my libido ramped up, which made me think none of the versions of the minipill were agreeing with me as well as they used to.  Switched back to my old generic, still felt not so great, so I decided to change things.

I switched to Tri Sprintec (a combined pill) a week or so ago, and since then I've felt mostly the same.  I was on my period when I switched but 6 days after it ended, I'm still getting mild but constant cramps.  I plan to try this pill for a few months but it still seems strange.

Has anyone else suddenly started having side effects to a birth control you'd been on for an extended period of time?  I'm curious if all the symptoms are more likely related to my birth control, something awry with with my reproductive system, or just things changing as I get older.
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First Time Missed Period

I need this lovely community's advice. I am sort of on edge about this.
I am a 20 year old cisfemale, and for the month of May, have missed my period for the first time since I started my period. A little background on my cycle, it is usually unbearably heavy. I use overnight pads during the day to make myself comfortable (I'm gonna try to change to divacups soon!) and have mild cramping. My period also usually lasts anywhere from 7-9 days. I used to be on birth control (Loestrine) exactly a year ago but have stopped since I've been a little lazy to make an appointment to refill the prescription.
Now, I have missed my period for the first time this month (May) and it has me stressed out. I have never, ever, missed a period. I was worried I was pregnant but:
1. there was no penetration, just sort of dry humping ('cause I'm paranoid) but he did get some semen on my butt, which could have gotten into my vagina(?). This happened late April, probably around the 26th?
2. I've taken 3 pregnancy tests. 2 about a week ago which came out negative (I dipped the test in a cup of urine) and one yesterday which also came out negative (again, dipped it in a cup of urine).

My last period (that I recall) was April 7th but I'm not 100% sure. This situation has made me freak out so much I actually downloaded a menstruation app on my phone so I can track it because jeez, I've never been so scared. At least with an app, I can make sure its late/early.
I'm just at a loss. I guess it could be that I was a little stressed about finals but I've had times where I was a lot more stressed than this and I still had no problems with my period being regular.
I guess my questions are;

Can there be such a thing as a wrong reading on the pregnancy test? What are some signs of pregnancy? Can I do anything to make sure this does not happen again?

Also, I'm waiting until June 7th to contact my doctor for an exam. Since I'm not 100% sure when my period started/ended in April, June 7th would be a whole month, that I know for sure, I went without a period.