May 20th, 2013

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plan b help

I took plan B 3 times. March 4th, April 4th, & April 6th. My last 3 periods were February 23, march 24, & April it's march 20th and I still don't have a period..but I have cramps. I have had sex in between April 18 and now. It was protected so I didn't take anything. I have taken 2 first response tests and one Walgreens test and all are negative. I've been feeling naseaus but I think that's because of being so worried! What do you guys think is going on? Is there still a chance I'm pregnant or do you think my cycle is just really messed up from plan B?

Genetic Testing For Breast Cancer

About two weeks ago I saw a documentary called "Dawn Porter : My Breasts Could Kill Me" and have been contemplating getting a genetic test done to see if I too have the gene/s. I'm turning 26 this year and 11 years ago, when she was 46, my mother was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. They caught it early and she's fine now but I'm wondering since she is the only one in my family who has had the disease, whether I should worry about a genetic link.

Most articles I have read by people discussing getting tested for the breast cancer gene do so because 2 or more people in their family have been diagnosed with it. I realize that you can have the gene and not get the disease. I'm in Perth and after getting a referral to the hospital that does the testing, there is around a 1 year waiting time for an appointment and I don't know if it's worth getting it done since my general practitioner who is aware of my family history doesn't seem concerned. Has anyone here had the test done? And if so, what made you decide to find out?

sore nipples and...extreme thirst?

For the past two weeks my nipples (not the actual breasts) have been really sore! Like, if something brushes against them, the pain is really strong and feels like someone is pinching them as hard as they can. I've also been constantly thirsty, which is weird becaus e I'm not a big water drinker. I've also been really tired and not feeling like myself. Its kinda like getting up in the morning and feeling groggy before having a cup of coffee. But this super tired feeling I can't shake no matter how much coffee or redbull I drink or how much I slept. Anybody know of anything that can cause these things? I'm not sure if they're all related or not. The extreme thirst is probably the strangest symptom.

MMMMonday! Bra sizing (as a feminist issue).

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I stumbled upon this piece and thought it was a perspective that might be interesting to our members: Why I Believe Bra-Fitting is a Feminist Issue.

An excerpt:
"On a somewhat similar note, I feel bra sizing can play a huge role in body acceptance. I feel that accepting that you should wear (for example) a 30HH, rather than a 36DD, can be one of the biggest things you can do when it comes to accepting your body. Women are constantly told they need to be smaller, to be daintier, to take up less space, and bra sizing hasn’t escaped this."

If you want to share, what is your bra size? Have you always worn the correct size for you? What has your experience with bra sizing been like? How does bra size affect your feelings about your breasts? Do you agree that bra sizing is a feminist issue? You're invited to share any thoughts on the piece, these questions, or whatever in the comments!

Cycle/Conception Questions

Hello all you fantastic VPers! Having a little confusion about my menstrual cycle, and hoping someone can help me out. So, I had my Mirena removed 4/19. I had it almost 4 years, it was awesome. I also haven't had a period since I got it, either, back in September 2009. I have also been on some kind of hormonal contraception since 1997. All that said, I had it removed in order to conceive. May 5, I was 99.9% sure I ovulated due to pain in the right ovarian side and cervical mucus at the time that was EWCM. I took a few pregnancy tests (dollar store cheapies as well as some EPT that were on sale), all negative, and got what I am pretty sure is my period, today. Which means that I was most likely right about 5/5 being ovulation, since this is 15 days later. (The reason I say "pretty sure" about my period, that is because it's REALLY really light, and I want to be all "implantation bleeding yay" but I'm 99% sure it's actually a period.) So, tests negative, fairly sure of ovulation...boils down to: when trying to plan via calendar and also various apps for this, it often wants to know your length of cycle. Well, I don't know for sure, as I have no "prior period" to use. Since the ovulation-to-period time was "average" (which we all know "average" doesn't mean jack), can I figure that it would likely be an entirely "average" cycle? Therefore, when should I theoretically expect to ovulate again, do you all think? I'm just trying to be proactive at this point, and I know it's not able to be predicted with total accuracy but any thoughts would be helpful. I've been reading and searching the web but I also know VP almost always has an answer or a place to look, at least. Thank you everyone!

wine is the answer

Crying during/after masturbation?

OK, so I have kind of an embarrassing problem to ask about but you folks are always so lovely that I thought I'd ask you.

Collapse )

Anyway, sorry if I'm being ridiculous, but I just want to make sure that I'm normal and that this will go away eventually; I don't want it to affect any future partners!

After intercourse bleeding?

Ok, just some basics - i've only "been with" one guy, the guy i'm currently dating right now and he's been with other girls before me but gets tested for stds on the regular when he was "around", i take birth control at the same time every single day, i've never missed and only been late by MAX an hour (i'm obsessed) and i'm much too paranoid to even on top of that, have sex without a condom, so we're on birth control AND use condoms every time. Recently i started a new form of birth control. i used to be on a 3 month type, but now i'm on the kind that you get a period every month. but my obgyn told me that if i wanted, i could skip the sugar pills if i wanted to still have my 3 months regime, i was only planning on having a 2 month regime this time simply because my period would have started the first week of summer and i didn't want to be bloaty and gross feeling at the beach, so that means i'm on my 5th week of birth control pills on a pill pack that is "designed" for 3 weeks of birth control and then a placebo week. does that make sense? anyways! Earlier today we were having sex and it was like usual, tralala, and then after it was over i went to the bathroom and wiped and noticed some bright red blood coming out (only when i wiped, not dripping) of my vagina. it was about quarter sized at first and then i just stayed in the bathroom until it stopped bleeding which really didn't take but a few minutes. and since it didn't look like period blood, i just assumed that it might have been a cut/tear on the inside from something, i dont know. i dont remember the sex being particularly rough or that i was particularly dry or anything, but whatever. about an hour or two later, i went to the bathroom again and noticed brownish period-looking blood in my underwear. it was almost as if i had JUST started my period (i'm a week away from the placebo pills) it was not like brown mixed with discharge, it was brownish blood that you usually get in the beginning or end of a period. it was enough to cover the bottom of my underwear, but it appeared as if the "blood" had already stopped flowing since it didn't look too wet or anything. and that was the last that i saw of it.
i've never had spotting or breakthrough bleeding on birth control and i'm BEYOND paranoid. i'm just wondering what this could possibly be and if i need to get a morning after pill just in case?
sorry if i sound like a rambling mess, i dont want to worry myself sick thinking i'm pregnant or something of that nature if i don't need to, but i also would like to be as educated as possible. i can't seem to find any answers that sound like my situation.
thank you! xoxo