May 9th, 2013

recurring vulva redness & irritation

For the last 6 months, I've been suffering from vulvar redness and irritation (and what feels like inflammation), no itchiness or discharge. It seems to be only external, as the inside of the vagina is light pink and healthy looking. It's basically just the skin around the area inside the labia that looks irritated and "angry". Some days worse than others, and sometimes it gets lighter pink and healthy looking, but usually not for long. Sometimes it hurts to sit and exercising or moving around too much irritates the area even more it seems. Sex is sometimes painful at times, which sucks because me and my husband have recently started trying to conceive. I've been to doctors, gyn's and naturopaths and I can't seem to figure out the culprit. I know it's not yeast as I've been treated for that and nothing has changed. I've switched to scent free laundry detergent for my underwear, and I don't use any soap down there. It does seem to get worse before & after my period. Could it be my diet? Could sugar be the culprit? I do have a sweet tooth, but considering I didn't think it was yeast, I wasn't sure if that mattered. I've been trying to eat alot of fruit and veges just to prep my body for pregnancy and just to be more healthy in general. I guess I'm just frustrated and not sure where to turn. My husband is supportive, but I know he's getting tired of hearing me complain about the same thing all the time. None of my friends can relate because they've never experienced anything like this, and even my doctors don't seem to know what to tell me. They just keep prescribing creams. Anyone had anything like this happen before? I'm super frustrated :( Thanks in advance!

Condom failure.

My partner and I were having sex last night and we only use condoms as our birth control. I do not take hormonal pills or anything. The condom failed pretty epically. When he pulled out, I felt something drip on my thigh and immediately I knew we were fucked. He pulled out and the condom was inside my vagina still hanging out sort of, and there was semen on my genitals, lots of it. I don't know if the semen got inside my vagina. Maybe. We don't know how it possibly slipped off. We are SO responsible and use condoms perfectly every single time

I am sure I ovulated a few days ago. I'd bet a lot of money on that. I had stretchy cervical mucus, higher libido, etc. Yesterday was day 18 of my cycles which are usually 29 days long.
I am expecting my period May 19.

can someone give me any insight? I don't know if I will become pregnant. I sure hope not. I have decided against Plan B because it seems to prevent ovulation, and I am certain I HAVE ovulated. However I know there is a small chance of pregnancy.

Sorry if this post is hard to follow or confusing. I'm exhausted and Ive been travelling all day.

thanks a lot!

Spotting Woes.

I got my period at age 12 and for the last 14 years have had a relatively good relationship with aunt flow. Cramps the first day or two but it's able to be controlled with OTC medicine.

I was regular from the beginning with a cycle of 29-33 days. It's more normal for me to late then early. No HBC or pregnancy scares.

I've been through some EXTREME stress lately and the first month was 1 week+ early, the second 1 week+ late, and the last month [on time] but had it for one day. Now I've spotting light to dark brown blood for the past 2 weeks.

Is this normal? A call to the Dr.'s?
nadia esra

White, watery discharge.

Hey everyone. My apologies if a similar question has been answered. If so, just direct me to the link. I didn't see anything soooo....

for the past three days I have been having white, extremely watery discharge. Lots of it. I can feel it coming out and sometimes it completely soaks my underwear so bad that I have to change them in the middle of the day. Also, when it dries on my underwear, it changes between white and yellow and makes my underwear "crunchy", which is really unusual for me.
There really isn't a "bad" odor; there is an odor, but it's a slightly stronger smell of what I usually smell like. (Not sure if this is a warning sign or not.)

A little background info that might help:
I'm 18, and in the past week I've slept with three different partners, two of which did not wear condoms (but also, neither of them were even close to ejaculating when we stopped).

I've never been to a gynecologist, which is the only reason I'm hesitant to go right away. What do you all think? What could this be, and should I go see one?