January 22nd, 2013

Would you take Plan B in my situation?

Hello, superstars!

Things to note:
I'm on a generic of Yaz (24/4 pack), and I stack my pills for about six months at a time. 
I had sex yesterday afternoon and Sunday morning using no condoms/alternative birth control. Plan B would be 60 or so hours after sex for Sunday and 24-28 hours for yesterday.
I am currently on the 3rd day of Week 3 in this pack.
My last withdrawal bleed was immediately before I began this pack.
I believe I've missed two pills this month in the early part of the month. I cannot recall if I missed two pills in a row and took three at a time or if I missed a pill, took two the next day, and did the same thing a few days later. I'm usually very good at taking my pills, but I'm always much worse in the weeks immediately following a withdrawal bleed. (Lesson learned - I'll start taking the placebo pills during my next withdrawal bleed to keep me on track.)
My partner and I have not had/tried to have kids previously, and we know nothing about our fertility.
I can get Plan B, but $50 is more than I'd like to spend and that's what it costs around here.
I will get an abortion if I do get pregnant, which will be more expensive than the $50. 
I'm currently experiencing white, milky, slightly gooey discharge. Based on the yeast smell, my guess is it's a YI from tampons and pantyliner from the above-mentioned withdrawal bleed. I don't pay much attention to my discharge since I'm on HBC, so I have no idea what my normal ovulation discharge is.

So, would you take Plan B? Why or why not? How "protected" is my current level of compromised protection? Note: Taking Plan B now because you are morally/spiritually/ethically opposed to abortion is NOT what I'm asking. 
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More Labia Bumps -- Related to Change in Physical Activity?

Hi all -- I know someone just posted about labia bumps, but I've got a slightly different issue than the last poster.  I have two bumps, one on each of my labia minora, about 1/2 way between my clit and my vaginal opening. They are mirror images of each other, although the one on the right appeared a couple of days before the one on the left.  They don't hurt, they're just a bit itchy sometimes.  I can see them with a hand mirror, they are not red nor do they have any kind of 'head' on them. 

I've had Bartholins cysts before, and those were right at the entrance to my vagina.  (They were diagnosed by an OB/GYN).  These bumps are not in the same spot.  I haven't been doing anything differently lately - except - for starting to take spin class and swimming a lot more. Although I don't wear tight bike shorts, I'm wondering if perhaps these activities are contributing to clogged hair follicles or something.  I don't wax my labia, but I trim it and gently exfoliate with a sponge and warm water to try to prevent any ingrown hairs. 

If anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate it.  I'm going to try warm compresses to see if I can get them to come to a head in case they're the sort of things that will do that, but other ideas about what they are and/or how to prevent them would be appreciated!

(Also, any ideas about how to make the seats of spin bikes less heinously uncomfortable would be welcome, too!) 

Yi? BV?

Hi Vper's.

I have a question. I felt some irritation at the entrance of my vagina Friday night, I rubbed some tea tree oil on it and it helped some but didn't kick it. I inserted acidophilus on Saturday and Sunday and it didn't seem to help. Yesterday I acquired some ACV and began douching with it something that in the past has helped me greatly. I can't tell if its helping at all (even though its only been ONE day I know..)

I can't tell if its a YI. When I inserted a finger on Friday I found some white bits which seemed consistent with a YI, I haven't had any other BV symptoms other than itchiness I can't tell.

So in short, is this a YI or BV? Also, how long until ACV works its magic??