January 21st, 2013

Finding the Right Sex Toy

Hi vagina_pagina! Long time no see.

I'm a cis-female 6 months out of a long-term relationship, and haven't been having a lot of sex since then. I'm finding myself bored of the same old masturbation routine. I miss penetration (both vaginally and anally), and want to be able to feel that sensation again on my own. In addition, I've made a friend over the internet who I've been videochatting with and other things, and I think it would be fun to mix up our "conversations" a bit.

When I start to look at sex toys online, I'm really overwhelmed, and I think I'm a bit too shy to walk into a sex shop on my own. I bought a vibrator a couple of years ago (http://www.libida.com/papillion-massager.html) when I was pre-orgasmic. I think I used it about twice before I threw it in a drawer and never touched it again. Now that I am orgasmic, maybe I would enjoy the vibrations?

Basically, I'm looking for either:
a) specific recommendations for toys
b) recommendations for guides to help me find what I want. I've tried to Google some things, but I'm still overwhelmed and confused.

I know this is pretty vague, but I appreciate any help you can give!

Do I need back up bc during fertile period?

So I just started the pill orthotrycyclin lo 10 days ago. It's around my fertile/ovulation time and although I've been on bc for a while and haven't missed a pill, is it ok to not use a back up method?

I'm not sure if I need to or not (if sex should happen). I've been consistent with the pill since I've started it but I haven't been on it for a month yet. And again I am always weary around my fertile period. Just a little confused and want to be safe!

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Firefly - Not All Who Wander

Labia bumps?

I've gotten these bumps on my outer labia and where my labia meets my thigh for as long as I can remember. Well, I've gotten these bumps everywhere for as long as I can remember. No doctor has been able to diagnose them. They're most often painless, just occasionally awkward or uncomfortable when they're putting pressure in a weird spot, or getting caught on the seams of my underwear.

I've noticed them cropping up a lot more frequently all over me the last couple months, but now all of a sudden in the last month they have been ALL OVER my vulvar area. Every single one of them has started out painless and been there for weeks before suddenly (I assume) becoming infected. Then suddenly it starts the whole area around them swelling, red, hot, and painful. (I even just had one on my ear/face/scalp area that did it, too.) I mean, in the last month and change I've had 6 of these things, and 3 have become infected. There is no indication that they are ingrown hairs, since no hair comes out of them when popped.

When I was younger, I could deal with them myself, no problem. But now I have arthritis in my back and hips and have gained a lot of belly weight, so I can't even see my lady bits anymore, let alone do home surgery on them myself. Not even with a mirror. Hot compresses and ice packs don't do anything to help. Thus has resulted in my boyfriend having to use a (sterilized!) needle to pop and squeeze them, with varying effectiveness. For example, after last night's half hour of home surgery (these things are usually over in 5 minutes), the lump is twice as big as it was, though not as swollen around it and not as painful.

I'm irritated, I'm embarrassed, and I'm super uncomfortable. I do have an appointment with my doctor this week, so if there's anything I can specifically ask about, that would be helpful. Also, any home remedies and other non-medical suggestions are welcome too. I'm kind of at the end of my rope with this stuff.

MMMMonday! Roe v. Wade anniversary

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Tuesday is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the case that ensured legal abortion rights in the United States. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her lifetime. (Does that statistic surprise you? Do you suppose most people are aware of it? How do you think awareness of that stat might affect political or personal dialogues about abortion?) Advocates for Youth has created a website and campaign called 1in3, to allow people who have had abortions to share their stories. In sharing, they hope to break down structures of shame and stigma surrounding abortion experiences. They also work to support access to safe and legal abortion care. You can follow the link to 1in3 to read the stories of others, or share your own. We'd also like to welcome you to share your own story here, if you want to. (We will of course be watching comments closely in order to provide the safest space we can.)

As a last note: if you need any support after abortion, Exhale provides resources and a judgement-free, multi-language talkline that you may find helpful. Does anyone else have any resources they would like to recommend? If so, please share those in the comments as well! (Please make sure any recommendations are in line with VP's values of safe and judgement-free support. Thanks!)

Provacare CAUSING vaginal odour?

Here's a good question for everyone...

I have been struggling on and off for a while with recurrent BV infections, probably due to Group B Strep (diagnosed by my doctor)

After trying home remedies like eating gallons of yogurt, probiotic pills, H202 rinses, doctor prescribed antibiotics, and then just leaving it be, I got sick of the constant BO/onion/garlic smell "down there" and ponied up the thirty-something-dollars for Provacare vaginal suppositories.

Welp... six hours prior to application I am now noticing a NEW smell. Sort of an egg smell.


Any one have this problem?

Maybe I am overly sensitive and need to give my poor vagina a second to adjust to the new probiotics....