January 16th, 2013

Help with really bad yeast infection/blister!!!!

I am going to a doctor when I get my school money. I went to the hospital because my yeast infection was so bad and they told me that I was right, that it was a yeast infection!!! So they prescribed me diflucan. Mind you, before I went to the doctor I had used monistat 3 and monistat 7. I also tried the garlic and ACV! So when I got back from the hospital, which was awful for all you ladies that have ha an intervaginal sonogram... Try one while you have a yeast infection and then a Pap smear in front of emergency medical staff... Not fun. So yeah. I get home and take the diflucan. It did absolutely nothing for me. I did another 7 round treatment of monistat and another 3... I felt a little better but after the days were up it went right back. If I take azo yeast the itching is horrible... But some redness is gone. I have now developed yeast spots on my scalp and oral thrush along with a blister on my labia majora. I don't know what to do but I can't afford a doctor and another 1k dollar visit to the ER is definitely not in my budget. Please help. I am desperate. Also I have tried yogurt and garlic. Also tea tree oil. None is successful.

UTI + Period?

So for the past 3 months just before I get my period I get a UTI, like clockwork. It used to be that during this pre-menstrual week that I might experience some urgency around peeing, that every time it hits me it's like OMGGGOTTAPEERIGHTNOW.

Being a busy lady with a child, I can't always PEERIGHTNOW, but usually do when I get the soonest possible chance.

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I also have PCOS (was also Dx'ed Pre-Diabetic 10 years ago, have no idea how I did with 'reversal') and an IUD (mirena)

I suppose I'm generally looking for support and advice. I am not that interested in adding sugar back to my diet, and I hardly think that doing so would fix my chronic problem. Usually sugar is the first thing to remove from diet, so... What now?
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Have you ever... (mention of sexual abuse and rape!)

I think many you know me from many years of posting here (and freaking out over nothing a lot too) but just in case someone doesn't... here's some background info. 

I am a 25 year old cis female in a monogamous relationship of a couple of years. I suffer from extreme anxiety and have recently been diagnosed with AS (Asperger's Syndrome). I have been a victim of both rape and sexual abuse in the past... These things together have made me very weary of sexual relationships. Because of my AS I have issues with touching and the thought of PIV while alluring can actually make me queezy in certain contexts (i.e.: I have issues with feeling 'full' and swelling so if I am not in the right mood I actually dread PIV as much as I dread inserting a tampon). 

That being said I am in a healthy relationship with a man who respects my wishes and understands that "no" doesn't mean "I don't find you attractive" or "you bore me" or "I say no but I really mean yes". No, means no in our relationship. Buuuut if it were up to me we'd never have PIV sex (what we enjoy doing) or even oral sex almost... at all. I can live perfectly fine without having sex for months (and years) at a time. He, however, doesn't have my issues and does crave sex more often. This is fine by me because he never forces me... he offers and I am allowed to turn down. I, however, don't always do that. Sometimes I say "yes" even though I don't truly feel like having sex. Thing is... even though I might not want it or even necessarily enjoy it at first (not because it hurts but it's kind of like watching the Jersey Shore for me... It won't make me want to kill myself or my brain bleed but... it's simply 'meh'.) I love him and I want to express so physically and also because I want to help him achieve orgasm with me... It's a bonding thing. Now MOST of the times I do this I end up enjoying it very much and I orgasm often. I do not feel horrible afterward but it's not a NEED for me. 

Is this... alright? Do you superstars ever do something like this? Have sex even though you could simply do without it? Again, he NEVER forces me or makes me feel guilty. We have a relationship that is honest enough so I can feel comfortable telling him to watch some porn and masturbate and he is a-ok with it but... I know that is not really the same as well actually being with the person you love. 

So, does this happen to anyone else? Or am I all alone on my little island?

Nipple Weirdness

Ok, y'all, I'm here to ask about that weird abstract nipple feeling....

you know, like when your nipples ...FEEL.
Not pain or anything but they just feel...uncomfortable. To me, its in an abstract way. Usually when I have my bra off and just a tshirt on. Its not from anything touching them or anything and its not like a physical feeling of something touching them...its just a heightened AWARENESS of that area on my body.

Do you know what I'm talking about? Does anyone experience that as well? It is really hard to explain.

HOW DO YOU STOP IT? It's rather annoying. Putting on a bra doesn't help after it is already happening...

Implanon experiences

I already checked the tagged posts, but they didn't really answer my questions. I'd like some feedback from people who have/have had an Implanon implant.
1) Do you still have periods? If not, how long did it take them to stop?
2) What, if any, side effects did you have?
3) For overweight people-- Did your weight factor in in any way in getting your doctor to agree to the Implanon?

General question for anyone who can answer it: Is bone density loss a concern with Implanon like it is with Depo?

In short, I'm getting fed up with my birth control pill (Amethyst- generic for Lybrel) and constant spotting issues and am only willing to consider methods that eliminate periods. Stacking a different pill would not be ideal due to the timing restraints on when my insurance would pay for a new pack (they will not pay for a refill at the 3 week mark, which is when I'd need a new pack if I wanted to stack). I used to be on Depo and wish I still was, but my doctor wanted me off it due to family history of Osteoporosis. Also, FWIW, I am overweight. I'm not sure if that matters more with BC pills or Implanon or if they're equal.

Tasty lube?

I'm looking for recommendations for a lube/oil that has good flavor options (And actually does taste like its stated flavor) that also works well as a lube for PIV sex as well. Something that is hopefully not too sticky. I've used the Karma Sutra's Oil of Love before in a few different flavors and I really liked the taste of them but I've run out finally and they are a bit $$$ for such small bottles. And also pretty sticky as well.

I did check the lube tag but did not see what I was looking for.

Thanks for any and all suggestions! :)
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Took two pills in one day

I have no idea how this even happened. Only noticed tonight when I took the pill for Thursday, but it is Wednesday :/

I was planning on skipping my period this pack. Just continue on was normal but just be a day ahead? When I take the sugar pills do I take the first active on Friday or go back to Saturday? Just means I would take 8 days of sugar pills instead of 7.

Still have no idea how this even happened ._.

Edit - I'm on levlen