January 13th, 2013

Sore cervix 2 weeks after sex incident & Cold/Frozen condoms?

Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I've been here but let me start off by thanking you all for your answers for a post I had made way back in the day about cervix pain after/during sex if it's been hit. It happened to me on NYE (so badly that I puked; and it was definitely not from alcohol) and if I hadn't known what it was, I would have panicked. It sucked but I took comfort in knowing I wasn't dying lol, so thank you very much!

However, nearly 2 weeks after the cervix-hitting incident, it still hurts to pee- not a lot, but enough to notice that it's there. It also still hurts to have sex; any deep penetration is extremely uncomfortable. I have experienced this cervix pain before, but it's never lasted this longer (granted, it wasn't "hit" as hard the previous times). For any of you who have experienced this, how long did it last for you?

My second question is regarding very cold/frozen condoms. I basically live in a frozen tundra and I stupidly left 2 brand new boxes of condoms in my car for about 40 minutes in -25 degrees Celsius weather. I used 2 of the condoms this evening with my boyfriend. Neither of them ripped, but I am concerned about the integrity of the latex and possible "cracks" or otherwise. As far as I have read, it basically just makes the condom more prone to breaking. I am debating taking Plan B just in case, but the pill really messes up my body (bleeding that is so heavy I can't even leave my house). A super bloody period is better than the alternative, but if I have nothing to worry I would rather not.

tl;dr How long does "cervix-hitting" pain due to sex last? Are very cold/frozen condoms safe to use?

Links Round Up: Week Ending 12 January 2013

Welcome to our latest installment of the Links Round Up!

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This week's round-up includes: when humans first figured out that sex makes babies, the father of a rape victim reveals her name, rape cover up at Notre Dame, padded sports bras and nipple phobia, and an interview with the co-producer of a fat burlesque troupe.

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Thoughts on any of these stories? Also, what have you been reading (or writing!) this week?

Hitting Cervix during Sex

Hello there!!

I have yet to set up an appt with my  gyno so I thought I'd ask yall!

During sex this past weekend, it's been really difficult to get into any sort of rhythm because my bf kept hitting my cervix. we didn't do anything new or freaky this time, but it was like my cervix was just sitting waaaay low. I don't know what was going on. So some questions:
  1. Does working out (muscle toning) affect how your cervix sits?
  2. Does hitting your cervix during sex affect your IUD?
  3. Will this go away?
  4. Is this just part of my cycle?

Relationships (moving too fast? Am I just a prude?), overnights, and anxiety

Hi VPers~

I know this is not a vagina issue, but it has affected my vagina and the emotions tied to it. I'm really at a loss and don't know where to turn, (even went to google; too much information to type in :(

For the record: 26 cis female. No children and an only child myself (that will be relevant soon)

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Ok, with that being said, anxiety: I get nervous sleeping places where I'm not familiar, not to mention showering, and just, being out of my natural habitat. When guys would expect me to stay the night after sexytimes, I'd leave after they went to sleep, and we lived in the same town. Didn't cause problems, but wasn't exactly smiled upon either. The thought of not being able to just jump in my own car, leave, and be home in a few mins if I want to makes me a little nervous.

Moving too fast: Are we? I mean, I really like him, but considering that I haven't attended very many overnight road trips except the very few times with family members, like vacations or camping trips, or a few times with an ex where we had known each other for quite awhile to spend time with his mom. We have been "talking" for over a month but have only really "hung out" for a week or so.

Only child: This really shouldn't be relevant, since I'm 26 years old, but with that being said, I have somewhat protective parents. I usually ask my mom for advice or we just talk about stuff regularly and I don't think I would feel right not telling her that I am driving 3 hours to a different state, especially if something happened to me (car accident, etc). She doesn't live in the same state as I do (she moved away and I stayed home to go to college (long story). Even still, I could see her 'telling me what to do" by staying "No it's too soon, No. No." She's done the "No" thing before, even recently, and it is starting to get under my skin since I AM an adult and have been one for awhile. I know she cares, but still, I don't want to have to feel guilty. I also don't want to have to fight her on this. She's pretty reasonable, but the "too soon" sort of ties in too...

I guess I just don't want him to think I'm not interested. He seems to REALLY like me (yes REALLY, tbh, maybe even more than I like him lol), and I'm not getting an "unsafe" vibe. Plus, the typical "you know how parents are" thing is coming up even though I'm 26 years old (ugh). Plus, I want to feel comfortable. If I'm not, then it will just ruin the whole time. Maybe if I know it's not that soon into what isn't even an exclusive relationship yet will put my mind at ease.

non stop period

Hey everyone! Lurked this awesome community for a while and love it!

Have my own question though - I got my period about 10 days ago, after only getting it about once every 18 months for the past 4 years (due to an eating disorder). Only problem is, is that it still hasnt stopped and just seems to be getting heavier :(

It's probably what I would consider a 'normal/medium' flow right now, but is getting really frustrating because I feel terrible and just want it to be over!I have had a box of (monophasic) HBC in my drawer from a couple of weeks ago which I have been meaning to start (for the first time ever), and asked my pharmacist about 2 days ago about what would happen if I started the active pills now - she (and my doctor) said it should help my period come to a stop. So I've taken one yesterday and today, at the same time of course, but it still hasnt helped it stop. It seemed to almost stop last night/today for about 15 hours but then started again.

Any advice/help/comments on my situation and what I can do to get it to stop would be much appreciated :) Were my doctor and pharmacist right about the BC helping it come to an end? Thank you lovely people!