January 10th, 2013

Can you catch a STD from trying on bathing suits or lingerie?

Is it true that if you try on a bathing suit or lingerie in a shop that someone before you tried on (who was infected) you can contract an std? The only two shops in the area where I live do not use those protective liners on their products. I want to get new underwear soon but I've been told that there's a chance of contracting an std from the garments because they aren't washed after each person tries them on. :\
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New (ish) BC, with a weird period.

Hey guys!

Im really nervous. I started a new (ish?) BC this month - Usually im on Alesse 28, but now im on 21. No difference, which is why i say ish.

My period this month has been..weird. I just went through a semi-stressful move on the last day of my pills. Usually, if my last pill is a saturday, my period comes monday or tuesday. I had nothing but a light, dark brown discharge (nothing a pantyliner couldnt take care of). Wednesday I woke up with cramps and a light-medium flow; but it has only been brown blood the entire time, with some red blood thrown but not much at all.

My periods are usually medium flow, and last 3ish days. This one lastest 1 and a half, was a light flow, and only dark brown blood with a bit of red.

The only reason im REALLY worried and in full on freak out mode is because my boyfriend was visiting for the first time in months, and the condom did break. We noticed before he finished, but were still going at it for quite some time with it ripped. I'm just in semi freak out mode, considering not even google is giving my a straight answer.
Thanks so much!

1st Herpes OB and now strong odour and itching

Hi everyone,
I had my first herpes OB last month, the itching started around the 15th and by the 20th I had clear sores, I went to the doctors and had a culture done and was prescribed Aciclovir for 5 days. All the sores are now gone but over the past 10 days I've been really itchy and there's been a strong smell (not fishy), the itching has died down but still there and the smell is still strong. I had chlamydia 3 months ago and had it treated then (everything else was negative), and ever since then I've been with the same guy.
Basically my question is why am I still itching and have that strong smell? Is it related to the herpes or something else?
Thanks all

bleeding after sex?

Hey everyone.
My period ended on January 3rd. My fiance and I had sex like five days after that. Previously we hadn't had sex in like two weeks or so, and it was kind of rough. Afterwards I bled a bit. It wasn't spotting, and it wasn't like a period flow either. That lasted until the next day, and there was no pain at all. Today I pull my pants down and there was a half-dollar sized blood spot on my underwear. I've been under a LOT of stress as of late, so I don't know if that is the problem. Could have been he hit my cervix too hard or something... I don't know. I mean since my period ended a week ago I REALLY don't think I am pregnant... right? Can anyone shed any light onto what this could be?? I'm not in pain, I don't have cramps, (well I DID, but it was because I was constipated lol) but no cramps, nothing else weird out of the blue. Although I have been nauseous a bit but nothing too bad and no throwing up. Any help would be appreciated... I don't want to have to go to the doctor.
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Is it a YI or something else?

I looked at the YI link and while it was very informative, it was unable to answer my question, exactly.

Situation: Yesterday I wore a pair of rather tight cotton underwear (it was laundry day and these are like a size too small). Throughout the day, I would get sudden, intense itching feelings more around the area of where my urethra is than my vulva/vaginal opening is. The feeling came and went all day and the episodes lasted a few seconds at a time. I did not have any discharge on my underwear. By early today, I had changed into looser, size appropriate underwear. The itching episodes have become further apart (like four-five hours apart) and are a little less intense. However, the itchy feeling has moved down from my urethra area towards my vulva-around the top of the lips, closest to the urethra. It also feels slightly burn-y or raw-but that may be due to trying to relieve the itch.

Right before my period started on Jan 4, I had a couple symptoms of a UTI (full feeling, slightly more frequent trips to the bathroom with urine expelled, and one instance of the urge to pee without actually being able to void any urine) but that cleared up within 24 hours.

Is any of this related? Do you think I could have a YI or something else?

I'm wondering, really, if it's possible that the UTI I (probably) had a week ago has lead to this YI and/or if wearing tight underwear for one day was enough to cause the itching. I generally wear comfortable, cotton underwear and do not wear tight pants. I am in a committed, monogamous relationship (married) and have been for several years. My period ended Jan 7.

Thanks in advance!