January 7th, 2013

Sugaring pubic hair?

I've been doing some DEEP research on sugaring and waxing.
I think I want to give sugaring a try since it claims to be not as harsh as wax.
Has anyone ever removed pubic hair/anal hair using sugaring? What were your experiences?

MMMMonday! It's a new year.

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As we begin 2013, we want to take a moment today to look back. How was 2012 for you? What was your favorite thing about it? What did you learn? What was the worst thing about it? And lastly...what was your favorite thing about VP in 2012? (This could be a comment, a post, a quality, something new we've started doing, something you just noticed or learned here...whatever!) Also, if you have any thoughts along these lines, we'd love to know what you hope to see here in the new year!

Happy 2013, superstars!

Smoking and birth control

Hi all!

I've been trying to find an answer about this, and haven't had much luck getting info, and don't have a doctor to call at the moment :( What specifically about smoking is problematic with birth control? Is it the nicotine specifically, due to the raise in blood pressure it causes, or is it all the other junk in cigarettes that causes the issues? I am currently switching over to smoking an e-cigarette exclusively, and am wondering if it decreases my risk of complications, or if I still need to be concerned? (Working my way towards quitting entirely, so eventually, it won't be an issue at all, but in the meantime! :) ) FWIW, I am not in the other risk categories - I am under 35, I do not have high blood pressure, and I exercise regularly, and while my prescribing doctor did warn me that there were risks in being a smoker with bc, she did not feel that it was a high risk with me. I take Yaz, if that makes any difference? Thank you!
john simm: shoot speed

Recommendations for first time Brazilian wax in Sydney.

Hey there, superstars! 

OK, here's the deal. I'm going to sunny Thailand for a beach vacation in two weeks and want to fix the shambles going on in my bikini region before then. After much mental grimacing about the pain and potential awkwardness, I'm biting the bullet and going full Brazilian for the first time. 

Problem is, I have no idea where to go, and no one to ask for recommendations except all of you. 

I live in Sydney, would prefer a salon somewhere on the North Shore, but I have a car so feel free to suggest salons in other areas if they're amazing. Aside from the obvious (hygienic, professional, good technique), I'm looking for someone who is good at putting newcomers at their ease, and who does both front and back. Ideally, my maximum price would be ~$50, so the top salons are likely not an option. 

Follow-up question: I keep reading that it's good form to tip your waxer, but all the articles with that advice appear to be American. Is tipping waxers a common thing in Australia too? 

Recommendations would be hugely appreciated! Thanks everyone!
Emma Watson

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Question.

Hey yall -- 

I've been hearing about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a while now.

Background: 29yr old female. Diagnosed with Mental Illness when I was 17yrs old. I do suffer from anxiety, depression, panic attacks. I am diabetic (type 2; diagnosed in my mid 20s). I have high blood pressure (diagnosed in my early 20s). I am introverted. Insomniac (like I can't sleep at nite mostly but I can sleep during the day so Idk if that is actualfax insomnia or something else). I have suffered from migraines since my teens -- doing a lot better now, not had a serious one since my early 20s. I hurt in my lower back, shoulders, neck a lot; suffer from tendinitis (esp when I've been writing/typing a great deal for 6mons+).

I was just wondering if I could have CFS. I've told my PCP on numerous occasions that I feel tired and no matter wat i do -- sleep regularly, eat good, take my meds right, excercise, etc -- I still feel tired. He always tells me it's just my diabetes. I dont check it like i should, I kno I kno. But I do take my meds right && I feel fine otherwise the sluggish, tiredness. But I've been feeling this way for yrs!! It seems to get worse when the weather is bad. 

I've read sum of the info on CFS and most of it does sound familiar to me but Idk how to go about asking my PCP to look into the symptoms. I thought about mentioning it to my Gyno since he is more likely to listen to my symptoms && concerns than my PCP is. I'm just frustrated bc my husband doesnt understand why I have to sleep all the time && my mom says I need to take a Vitamin. 

Any advice?? Thnx.