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Brigitte Fires

Weight gain? Depression? IUD?

x-posted to iud_divas and vaginapagina.

I got my Mirena in May 2009 to suppress periods because suspected-endometriosis was making me bleed for up to 2 weeks at a time, sometimes starting three weeks apart (so, one week off in between). My last period before insertion I almost had to get a blood transfusion, and I had spent 2+ years being slightly to severely anemic. It's worth it to note that I haven't had a steady weight or size since puberty.

I lost quite a bit of weight in the 4 months afterward (to 150 lbs!), and thought maybe the pill I'd been on had been contributing to some recent weight gain--but I also cut my drinking from 2 x 18oz beers per day to 1 x 18oz, 5 days/wk, and cut my hours at work from ~90 to ~60/wk.

Well, then I lost my job and between October 2009 and January 2010 when I was unemployed and lots of traveling and with the holidays I gained about 15 lbs (to 165), and moved across the country and started eating out of food banks and quitting the low-carb diet I'd been not-so-religiously following. By April 2010 I'd gained another 20 (185), lost 15 in a couple months, then over the next year gained back 30 (200) and since June I've gained another 7. I cut my drinking a lot in that time, at least it's not consistent now that I'm not working at a brewery.

I gained so much weight that in April I could no longer work--I literally didn't fit through the kitchen that I was managing. The constantly increasing weight plus a bunch of other issues contributed to my ever-present depression kicking into high gear, and when I realized I didn't fit in the kitchen anymore I had a mental breakdown and quit my job. My anxiety over the last year-and-change has been a lot worse, but there are other logical reasons for that (namely, that I'm in a safe relationship where I can feel and deal with those emotions, and that I'm 2400 miles away from everything I grew up with).

I recently got approved for temporary disability for my depression, but the fact that I have been recently suicidal means that no one wants to talk about anything else (physical) until that's "managed." But a lot of what triggered this episode of depression was feeling like nothing I do keeps my weight in check, and with endometriosis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis I have a hard time exercising. But it was in the last 8 months of my job that I gained 30 lbs (bringing me up to 200), and I was running up and down stairs literally 3-4 DOZEN times a day! Usually multiple stories at a time! So I was getting quite a bit of exercise, and still gaining weight. And eating healthier than I have in ages because I had the money to afford it.

The idea I can't shake is that the uncontrollable weight gain started when I finally stopped bleeding from my insertion. And that's when my anxiety started getting bad. My thyroid tests normal, and I need some way of convincing my doctors that the depression won't get better unless we look at physiological factors. But I don't want to suspect the IUD if it's not a logical suspicion. Any ideas you Divas can suggest, either for additional factors to consider, or things I can ask my doctor to check? Is there any way to know if the IUD is causing any of this, short of removing it*?

* If that's the route we want to take, I want to do some testing on other things first. My partner and I are discussing getting married and having babies in 18 months to 2 years, so a few months of condoms while I get my body ready for that isn't really a hardship, and would mean the removal is covered instead of being elective.
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