lalalalie (lalalalie) wrote in vaginapagina,

What should I do?

So, I made a huge drunken mistake last night and need to be assured that I'm worrying over nothing.

I'm currently taking alesse. I just finished 21 active pills which I was relatively good with- took within the same 2 hour window every day. Last night I was supposed to start the 7 days of sugar pills but instead I started a new pack of bc. A few hours later I had unprotected sex and I'm wondering what my risk is for pregnancy is, and if it would be okay for me to go off the pill for 7 days starting today rather than continuing with this pack, in the hopes that my period comes. Or should I just finish this pack now since I already started the first day? And if I did the former and my period did come would that be an indicator that I'm not pregnant? Because I don't know if I can handle worrying for another month.

Sorry that was confusing!
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