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with love

burning sensation during stimulation

Hello VP,

I bring to you two questions - the first being a long time curiosity of mine. For as long as I've been sexually active (5ish years?) I have noticed that direct, slow clitoral stimulation yields a burning sensation in my... feet! When I explained it to my husband he was all 0_0. I am not concerned per se, it's not unpleasant burning. It is a definite intense sensation on the soles of my feet whenever I have that stimulation (not generally during intercourse mind you - more of a very soft touch stimulation). I have just chalked it up to being some nerve connection or some such and haven't thought too much about it. But I'd be interested to know if anyone else has experienced this or knows what it is caused by.

Now onto my second question - I recently asked my husband to buy me a vibrator at the Sexpo he went to. I've never owned a sex toy (nor has he) and I naively assumed that all vibrators looked something like
this Lelo Liv
and was what I was thought he'd buy. However he bought me
this Lelo Siri
(he said he didn't want to 'intimidate me' ha) - and while it's a lovely, expensive gift I really would prefer the style of the first link. I discussed that with my husband and he was happy for us to get the other one instead. Only problem is that because he bought the vibrator at the Sexpo he cannot return it to a storefront. I suggested we pop it on ebay (because it was expensive - $120 and I'd like to use that money to buy the other one) except low and behold, sex toys are not allowed on ebay. So my question here is - where can I sell a unused, still sealed in box sex toy? I am in Australia if that matters. Do I have to just suck it up and count it as a loss?

Thank you in advance for any and all input!
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