McKenzie (snow_cloak) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sex after hymenectomy?

So, I have to say how completely excited I am to have stumbled across this site. Now, I'd like to poll you users who have had hymenectomies!

I'm a 21-year old virgin. I haven't been waiting for marriage, just mutual attraction. Someone I feel comfortable with. And I was okay with masturbation, though it seemed strange to me that I couldn't penetrate at all with my fingers (and when I did try, it was awful). Surface masturbation was enough.

Well, back in June I met a guy. The details aren't important-- what matters is that FINALLY I felt some physical chemistry with someone, and he felt the same. So I propositioned him. He agreed, then I made a long-overdue gyno appointment to get back on birth control (I'd previously taken them for debilitating cramps) and get a pap smear. I'd only been to the gyno one other time (to get the birth control), and I left without being examined because I was a virgin and had never used tampons. I expected some discomfort due to my own experiences, but this time the pain was unbearable. Luckily she pulled back and went on to explain to me that a) not only was my opening off-center but b) it was about the size of the end of a q-tip, if that.

She suggested dilators, but I told her about my problems masturbating. She then suggested the hymenectomy. "Anesthesia, out-patient procedure, and minimal discomfort afterward." Sounded like a winner to me.

I'm going in for my ultrasound in a little over a week, and I just wanted to ask, how was sex after your procedure? Whether you had yours widened through incisions or removed entirely. Was it still uncomfortable, but bearable? Or did you feel any pain at all? My prospective partner is very well-endowed (8-9 inches), so I'm not naive enough to think that there won't be some discomfort. But I'm just curious.
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