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Links round-up: Week ending September 3rd

Welcome to our new weekly links round-up. This is a compilation of items from the past week that may be of interest to VPers. If you'd like to see an article included, send me an e-mail at recidivist@vaginapagina.com . Non-US and positive links are especially appreciated. (I can't fit all the awesome links people send, but I'll try to post any that I don't include to Twitter.) You can also just take matters into your own hands and post in the comments!

As a reminder, in lieu of trigger warnings, I use keywords describing the themes of the piece. Please skim these before deciding to read the excerpt or click through for the full article. Outside sources are not safe spaces, and mainstream source's comments should almost always be avoided. The links I highlight don't necessarily reflect VP's views, or even my own, for that matter. 

This week's round-up includes: a dieting book for the pre-teen set, owning privilege, Thai trans women no longer considered "insane" by military, safer sex in queer porn, on the term "plus size", timing of male puberty affects mood, the disability hierarchy, US researchers knowing infected Guatemalans with syphilis, the singleness stigma, HPV tests better at predicting cancer than pap, cohabitation yields higher unintended pregnancies, thoughts on white anti-racism.

  1. Diet Book for 6 Year Olds – Seriously? at Dances with Fat via mangofandango and frolicnaked (Keywords: US, fat, dieting, eating disorders)
    [Image description: The cover of "Maggie Goes on a Diet," which shows Maggie, a fat girl with red pigtails, holding a too-small dress and looking into a mirror. A smaller Maggie peers out, holding the same dress.]
    If you’ve not heard, a new book targeted at 6-12 year olds will be hitting the shelves in October. It’s called “Maggie Goes on a Diet” ... He made sure that the book is “written in rhyme [so it's] easy to read and fun to learn at the same time”. And thank god for that, because I would sure hate for kids to have to struggle to learn to hate their bodies. That’s definitely the kind of message that we want to be easy to understand and implement.

  2. On the difference between Good Dogs and Dogs That Need a Newspaper Smack. at Sindelókë (Keywords: privilege)
    [Having privilege is] not a bad thing, or a good thing, or something with a moral or value judgement of any kind attached to it. Having privilege isn’t something you can usually change, but that’s okay, because it’s not something you should be ashamed of, or feel bad about. Being told you have privilege, or that you’re privileged, isn’t an insult. It’s a reminder! The key to privilege isn’t worrying about having it, or trying to deny it, or apologize for it, or get rid of it. It’s just paying attention to it, and knowing what it means for you and the people around you. Having privilege is like having big feet. No one hates you for having big feet! They just want you to remember to be careful where you walk.

  3. Thai Trans Women No Longer Considered "Insane" at TransGriot (Keywords: Thailand, gender, mental illness, military)
    In practice, Thai transwomen are rarely inducted into military service and are rejected as 'unfit for military service' for having 'malformed chests'. But one of the other things that have been causing distress for Thai transwomen who have been called up for military service and rejected is having 'mental disorder' or 'permanently insane' written into their permanent military record.

  4. Safer Sex in Queer Porn and the Condom Debate at Jiz Lee NOT SAFE FOR WORK (Keywords: US, queer, porn, safer sex, gender STIs) Includes a useful risk assessment chart
    I decided to add my own story to the “debate” [about requiring condoms in porn filmed in CA]; because my experience is somewhat isolated as a queer porn performer. And this grants me interesting and conflicting thoughts around the issue. Just earlier, I was prompted to write and share my thoughts when I saw some posts on the subject by LA Girl-Girl porn performers

  5. Body Language: Blogger Rachel Adams on the Label "Plus-Size" at Teen Vogue (Keywords: US, fat, fashion, language)
    Pointing out that someone wears plus-size clothing is never an insult, because having a body that requires larger sizes is not insulting. Ignoring the fact that a person wears these larger sizes also ignores the extra work they've had to do to find pieces that fit them the way they like and makes it harder for other people struggling to find cute clothes that fit use that experience as a resource.

  6. The timing and tempo of puberty affect behavior at LA Times (Keywords: US, puberty, mood, mental health)
    A new study, however, suggests that behavior and mood problems can be predicted by how early or late puberty starts and how fast or slow it progresses. Puberty, say the authors of the study, is not a steady, linear process. Its trajectory can vary significantly from person to person.

  7. The Disability Hierarchy 4: Diagnosis Matters (part one, part two, part three) at Diary of a Goldfish (Keywords: disability, diagnosis, gender, sexuality, mental health)
    Marginalised people are at the mercy of privileged people in this way. People are allowed not to be straight, white, cis, non-disabled etc. but nobody is going to tolerate you unless they know which sort of substandard person they are so generously tolerating. As disabled people, we are constantly expected to account for our status, by discussing our diagnosis, describing our medical histories and so on, even with strangers. Then we are compared to other people with the same diagnosis to make sure we fit into the popular perception of what a person with X condition is supposed to be like.

  8. US researchers broke rules in Guatemala syphilis study at Reuters via tehfanglyfish (Keywords: Guatemala, US, STIs, racism, power)
    U.S. government researchers must have known they were violating ethical standards by deliberately infecting Guatemalan prison inmates and mental patients with syphilis for an experiment in the 1940s, according to a U.S. presidential commission. The U.S.-funded research in Guatemala did not treat participants as human beings, failing to even inform them they were taking part in research, as was the case for a similar study in the United States, the commission said on Monday.

  9. The deficient single woman at Feministe (Keywords: Australia, singledom, relationships)
    Part of overcoming the shoving aside and suspicion of single women would be, well, to first stop devaluing singleness, and also to look at alternative ways of organising ourselves. What would society look like if little girls weren’t expected to organise their lives around finding a sole and central heteronormative relationship around which everything else in their lives must then revolve?

  10. Study: HPV Tests Better at Predicting Cervical Cancer Than Pap Tests at WebMD via jennifer0246 (Keywords: HPV, cancer, pap smear, STIs)
    DNA tests that detect the most virulent strains of human papillomavirus, or HPV, may find more advanced precancerous cells that can lead to cervical cancer than traditional Pap smears, a new study shows. The study, which is published in The Lancet Oncology, suggests that testing for HPV strains 16 and 18, which cause about 70% of all cervical cancer, could replace Pap tests as the primary screening tool for the disease.

  11. Unwed Women Living With Men Risk More Unplanned Pregnancies at NPR jennifer0246 (Keywords: US, cohabitation, unplanned pregnancy)
    But the highest rate of unintended pregnancy of all the subgroups studied occurred among "cohabitors," or, to use the vernacular, women who were shacking up. The largest increase of unintended pregnancies occurred in cohabitators under age 25.

  12. Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race at The Stranger (Keywords: US, race relations, privilege)
    Every conversation about race is tortured—palpably awkward, loaded with triggers, marked by the blind spots of perception and presumption—but that doesn't mean you're doing it wrong or should stop doing it, says Scott Winn. That means you have to keep on. ... "The test of how racist you are is not how many people of color you can count as friends," I recall someone telling me—I can't remember who now. "It's how many white people you're willing to talk to about racism."

What have you been reading this week?
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