amedio3k (amedio3k) wrote in vaginapagina,

divacup replacement?

I've had my divacup for about a year now...the last two periods, I've had a couple of incidents with the cup leaking. Each time I've checked, and it wasn't because the cup was full...I'm wondering how likely it is that the cup needs to be replaced? I know the manufacturer recommends buying a new cup after a year, but I've also heard of people using theirs for much longer without any problem. I'd think if this were actually an issue with the cup not getting a proper seal due to being "worn out", it would be recurring throughout the entire period, and not just once or twice, right? What do you guys think?

Also, is there any surefire way to determine whether the cup has a full seal? I usually make sure the cup is opened up all the way (I usually use the "push down" fold, if that makes a difference), but otherwise, I'm not sure how to ensure it's positioned properly with a good seal.

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