dreamseer09 (dreamseer09) wrote in vaginapagina,

Confusion over long-term side effects of HBC.

If I am being honest I am actually quite confused about the long-term side effects of the pill. I have heard a million dfferent things about it increasing your chances of getting breat cancer to decreasing your chances of getting cervical cancer. I have heard it can effect your fertitliy but was told by  my doctor that there is zero evidence of this when I voiced my concerns. I have heard being on HBC without a break can make you experience dizzyness and I have heard you should take a break after a year of usage. I have side effects I experience now may last forever and they may go away. 

I know there are information packs with ever prescription drug and I have read them but I have been on 3 different 'brands' of the pill in the last 4 years and they all seem to give conflicting evidence and google left me more confused than before. 

Can anyone explain anything about the long-term side effects of HBC to me? It is just all so confusing. I really don't want to do anything that could effect my health in the long run and as I tend to stay on HBC when I am not sexually active because of general skin and mood and cramp complaints I wonder is that the right thing to do.
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