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Anal sex preparation

Hi everyone!
I browsed through the tags earlier but didn't quite find what I was looking for. Also, the tags are from years ago so maybe someone has some updated info or tips!

My boyfriend's birthday is on Monday and I wanna do something special...something like anal sex. He has told me numerous times that he wants to share this first with me and is pretty obsessed with my butt, lol. At first I was kind of offended and thought maybe he was getting tired of my vagina, or that I wasn't "tight" enough, but he assured me that I was overreacting and that he loved PIV sex with me but wanted to explore everything with me.

So, once my vagina got over the jealousy of my butt, I decided to be open to the idea. I have been reading about it, and of course now I'm terrified of smelling terrible, getting some type of infection, our pooping all over the place. Here is what I do know:

Never but in bum then vag
Don't force it if it's not going in
Lube, lube, lube.

My boyfriend is extremely well endowed... If that makes a difference.

So tl; dr... Tips to making my first anal sex experience not as shitty (pun intended) as I'm expecting? Things I should and should not do before during and after? positions to avoid? Ways to avoid a messy situation? anything I should or should not do today until Sunday night/monday morning? Any and all advice, please!

Thank you in advance!

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