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Slightly itchy vulva...


First off, I am absolutely amazed by this lovely group of people and the positive environment it fosters. I am completely on board and hope that I will find the time to participate.

However, my first post involves a question, or I suppose, a call for comments.

I am 39 weeks pregnant (and very excited). About two weeks ago I started experiencing some symptoms: mostly itching, but a bit of red bumpiness with some skin sensitivity--like it didn't want to be touched despite being itchy. I went to my doctor and she told me that it was a yeast infection (which I understand can be common in late pregnancy). It should be said that I am prone to yeast infections, this having been my fourth--however, because it was not IN my vagina (as all previous infections had been), I wasn't totally aware of these symptoms at all--your vulva can't really make a cottage-cheese discharge, but now knowing it was a yeast infection, I recall the reddish areas did have some white patches. Anyway, she gave me some cream and I took it and it went away.

Now, here's the bit that I need some help with. Yesterday my vulva started to feel itchy again, but not nearly as much and there isn't that skin sensitivity or redness--aside from me itching it, which I have stopped doing to see what happens. It should be noted I stopped the anti-fungal cream on Tuesday (though it hadn't itched from the previous Friday), and the itching came again on Friday. Now, as is fairly normal in late pregnancy I've been getting copious amounts of (normal) discharge, that is, there's no smell, no odd colours or anything, just a lot of it. I have read that the amount of discharge alone can make you itchy because it is so damp or it will dry and you will feel itchy that way, or it tickles your pubic hair, etc...

So, it is not as itchy as it was with the yeast infection--I can completely ignore it almost, but since I am giving birth any day now, I wanted to know if anyone had either a) experienced something similar and how did they deal with it, if they did, b) had any other ideas besides it just being extra discharge, c) thinks that it might be a persistent yeast infection and I should bother putting the cream on again (I still have some left) and/or d) some ideas about how it might affect my labour.

Both my husband and I have tested negative for STIs recently.

I see my doctor again on Thursday, for the record. If it's still bothering me, I'm obviously going to bring it up to her, but I'd like to deal with it now!
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