Pelia (victimuspersoni) wrote in vaginapagina,

Wonky period after coming off HBC

Hi vp'ers,
I am having some weird period issues since I have came off HBC (Gianvi)
I had a very regular period for two years after having my son on birth control (different types of brands to find something for me). I have been diagnosed with PMDD and was put on zoloft for my imbalances but yet Gianvi or zoloft have yet to be treating it together. Came off gianvi in May(son turned 2 in June)
As for my records this is what has been happening:

June 6th (start of period with no HBC)
July 8th (no HBC)
August 5th (No HBC)
September 2nd (No HBC, today)

I know it's only been four months with HBC but I have also noticed my mood swings are smaller, but more FIERCE and my bleeding as of today has been heavier. I have emptied my small Lunette three times today.

So concerns:
When will my periods so call, "Regulate"? More timely as in the days? Looks like the days in between first day of last period is getting smaller in between.

also, my flow is heavier than what I remembered before I was pregnant but geeze, that was over two years ago. How can I recall?

And, PMDD other treatments beside zoloft(homeopathic, another alternative to zoloft. Experiences?) or a low hormonal birth control? I really would like to avoid HBC again due to wanting another child.

Overall, I am healthy 23 year old. I exercise regularly and sit down to eat all three meals with healthy snacks in between.

thanks vp'ers!
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