rojarabbits (rojarabbits) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth Control frustrations

This post is more of a rant  but any advice is appreciated

So for the past year I've been on Yaz (the switched to BeYaz, which is pretty much the same thing).  I'm 22 now and have been on some type of HBC since I'm 18.  Anwyay, my gyno has given me samples since starting (Be)Yaz but just in case wrote me a prescription should she run out.  Two months ago she did not have any so I had to go fill the prescription-- however, CVS said unless it was specified that it had to be name brand they would fill the generic which actually costs MORE than the name brand.  I refused and called up my gyno explaining the situation and they were able to dig up two samples for me.  Fast forward to this week and I am going through hell just trying to get my BC.  My gyno isnt in her office so I can't get a new perscription saying it must be name brand for her.  My GP is a nurse practitioner who also does obgyn services so I asked her if she could do me the favor.  She obliged, but then CVS said that her office would have to call my insurance company.  Once again, they obliged but were told by my insurance company that I was DENIED the request to have (Be)Yaz rather than generic.  I tried calling up planned parenthood and they gave me a huge attitude and told me they couldn't promise I'd get what I want.  I am beyond frustrated.  I've settled for just getting the Ocella, but it's $35 opposed to $15 which is money that I'd rather save as I'm a student/commuter.  Any advice?  Has this happened to anyone else?

*edit* I bit the bullet and just got the generic (it was Giavani not Ocella) but I really hope to sort this out by next month! 
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