I can't complain but sometimes I still do (inkster) wrote in vaginapagina,
I can't complain but sometimes I still do

lochia and episiotomy questions

I am 12 days postpartum. I have read in a bunch of places that after 3-4 days your lochia should not be bright red anymore, but instead should be pink. Mine is still red, although it's not any heavier than a medium flow period. It's mucousy and it seems pretty constant. My midwife didn't really give me any idea of what to expect beyond that the flow should lighten up after the first few days, and to call if I passed huge clots or soaked a pad in less than an hour. Does it sound normal to have medium period-like red blood at 12 days? I know that the bleeding can last for 6 weeks, I'm just concerned because everything I see seems to think it should be pink by now. I am exclusively breastfeeding, if that makes any difference and I used to gush a lot while feeding, but I don't feel that as much anymore.

Also, I had an episiotomy with additional tearing though not sure how many stitches or what degree of tearing I had, and I'm curious how long it has taken others to heal and feel normal again. It doesn't hurt at all and mostly feels okay except if I stand a long time (like, a few minutes, I'm not talking about actually a long time), I feel this pressurey feeling in my vaginal area. I also have pain in my groin, similar to round ligament pain from pregnancy, and my clitoral area feels... stretched or something sometimes. Has anyone else had this? There is no odor (beyond what things usually smell like) and no direct pain, just discomfort although I feel like the swelling has gone down and a lot of the time things feel mostly normal.

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