12:28 am - 07/13/2012


So, I am 15 and the skin on my thigh near my vagina is purplish and my vaginal lips are grey(ish). 
I was wondering if this is normal ?? 
I really don't want to tell my mom about it. 
I am not sexually active but I have tried masturbation a few times. 
I just recently noticed this discoloration (like 20 minutes ago) 
Im really insicure when I wear a bathing suit because in afraid people will notice the discoloration . 
Is there any way I can make it go back to normal?
But advice is cool too :)

I'm a "wash your face a couple times a week" kind of girl, and I've always had mild acne issues that cleared up with some HBC and got worse with others. When I do have acne issues they require super-exfoliating a couple times a week. Since I got my IUD (May 2009) it got really bad for a few months and then I've had clear skin all the time unless I'm getting my period. Most of the time they're big nasty pimples that don't even ever get "ready to pop" they just end up absorbing back in. I was told at 15 when I went to a dermatologist that these are cystic acne and just keep exfoliating and try not to pop them. Fine.

I have a handful of zits that I get pretty reliably in the weirdest spots every time I have a period, or did before I went on HBC and since settling into the IUD they came back. I'm back to having a period every 3 weeks or so for the last year, but they're light and bearable and last a couple days instead of every three weeks starting a new two-week bleeding cycle complete with threats of blood transfusions and passing out. The last few months, these menstrual acne issues showed back up hardcore, around the same time as I started finding thick black hairs growing out of my chest. Once or twice a week I go through with tweezers and pluck them before they get longer than a millimeter or so--just enough to grab onto with fingernails or tweezers.

I had a three-day period last weekend into Monday, and since then I'm kind of spotting I guess--not even enough to worry about not wearing cute underwear. But since Wednesday I've had the greasiest face I have ever had. Ever. Stinky man-sweaty armpits, hair growing out of my chest, menstrual migraine threatening to pop out any second, and now my face is so greasy it's DRIPPING. Nasty gross-feeling.

I have an appointment with my doctor on the 24th and I'll discuss it with her then, there has been evidence over the years of PCOS and general hormonal imbalance, but this takes the cake. Mostly right now I needed to commiserate with some awesome superstars. And then maybe go try to soak in the bath.

How is your Friday?
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