June 22nd, 2012

Pressure, much?

Me again. With a slight update. Refresher: for most my 31 years I considered myself asexual, as I was never interested in sex to the point of wanting to be with a partner. I'd shun men and women who I thought wanted me that way. So it shocked me a little when I suddenly found myself in a physical relationship. So, I have no experience. And I'm a bit old for a first timer.

I can't come. I'm right there on the edge, especially tonight as he found a very sensitive spot that he just went to town on. I try to relax and find that switch to come and after a while I end up pushing his hand off of that button cause it just feels too damn intense.

It bugs him a lot that I can't (or won't, as he says) orgasm with him. Though I tell him that the orgasm part isn't a big deal to me cause everything he does feels amazing. But he still wants me to come, to the point that when he's supposedly close to orgasm, he won't do it. He wants me to before he'll even consider coming himself (is that serious, I thought guys didn't care?).

I am on an anti-depressant, but I am not sure if this is the problem. At first I thought it was, but I feel so damn close to coming that I am not sure if it can be. Does anyone have any insight to this? CAN the anti-depressant let you approach orgasm, only to deny you the actual big moment?

He says he is confused and thinks I might have some deeper problem that's keeping me from letting myself go. Then he started talking about his past lovers who all can come so easily. Well, I did ask him questions that lead to this conversation but wow, that really lathered up the pressure... which is not going to help.

I have an appointment with my acupuncturist/herbalist on Monday. She calls the topic of my problem my "furnace" which makes me smile lol. We will be discussing my furnace, among other things, Monday. Just thought I'd see if anyone here had any thoughts. Pointers. Whathaveyou.

Help! :( I should feel all happy and lovey dovey after seeing him, but tonight it just left a sour feeling in my tummy since he's frustrated and confused over my lack of orgasm. Are all men like this?

ETA: red flags all over the damn place now that I had a conversation with him on the phone. Here are the highlights: he's mad that I talked to an acupuncturist about him, said that's not who normal people go to talk with about these problems. He says the orgasm thing is related to compatibility. Says that being close to someone shouldn't be a lot of work and it's a lot of with me since I am so inexperienced. Says over the next year I should see a wide variety of people to find out what my tastes are.

This is for sure over, though we didn't end the conversation that way... I am so damn upset right now. For sure going back to my usual brushing of people off when they show interest in me. This is not worth it.

skipping periods on nuvaring?

so I have been on nuvaring for about 6 years now, I've never had much luck trying to skip but I thought I would try again.

I left the ring in for 4 weeks instead of 3, and everything was fine. after the 4th week, I put in a new ring, but later that afternoon, I got my period.

I was able to skip when I took diane, but not nuvaring. I figure I better not try anymore, because on nuvaring I feel like the floodgates are always about to burst!

I ended up taking that new ring out, which was a waste of the ring, but I knew if I left it in I'd have a whole month of unpredictability. I figure I should give my body what it wants for a week.

does anyone else experience this?

not pregnant but no period

So I'm not pregnant. I know this for two reasons
1.because i have not had sex since before my last period
2. I took a pregnancy test yesterday.
So its only 4 days late, but i'm never late ever. So at what point should i worry and perhaps mention it to a medical person?
that is my true mask.

Question about treatments for PCOS

I'd always had irregular periods and cramps that have me laid up for at least three days out of the six-seven that I have my period, but they'd finally started coming with some normalcy until maybe 8-12 months ago. The past few months have been terrible - cramps and pelvic pressure, mood swings almost constantly, random and unexplained weight gain that I can't lose and acne I can't get rid of - so I finally sucked it up and went to the GYN who diagnosed me with PCOS.

She told me that PCOS could be a big factor in my anxiety and depression, especially since both get much worse around the time I'm ovulating. She's starting me on Ortho Tricyclen, but I'm worried about side effects (I was on Loestrin 24 previously and while it helped with the anxiety and depression, it made my migraines about 1000 times worse). I did some research on my own and was wondering if anyone has any info/experiences/advice on using Inositol (or any other alternative treatments) in place of or alongside birth control pills to help with PCOS symptoms.