June 20th, 2012

Using coconut oil for tampon insertion?

Hey there!

My question is pretty easy to gather from the subject, but -- just to be complete -- have any of you ever tried or heard of using coconut oil (my go-to lube) to make tampon insertion easier? I find inserting a tampon to be very easy when I'm bleeding a lot, but it's not so easy when my body's taking an hour off or something. Any other ideas to help? 

Note: Yes, I know about cups. I'd like to use one, but I'm a little hesitant to spend so much money up front without knowing it would fit.
Also note: I normally wait to insert a tampon until I'm actively bleeding, but sometimes I just don't have the luxury of waiting for that moment to have access to a bathroom. 

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Anonymous Post - Wart on Inside of Vagina

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i have a question. ive had one wart on the inside of my vagina for as long as i could remember. even before i became sexually active. i'm 18 and ive never been to a gynecologist. it doesnt hurt, and it doesnt look cauliflowerish. what should i do about it? or what do you think it is?