June 19th, 2012

question about sugar pill week

I just want to make sure if I'm still covered or not...
so I was supposed to take my last pill on Sunday but I forgot. I took it on Monday and had unprotected sex with my boyfriend that night and now I'm on my placebo week. I'm I still covered by my pills?

I hear different things about the placebo week, that your safe or that you need to use protection during that week. so confused.

Skipped period then bleeding for 10 days

Hey VP'ers. 39 year old sexually active female who up until last month had pretty regular periods...then I skipped May. There was a SLIGHT bit of spotting, but really the whole period just never showed up. Took 2 pregnancy tests and both were negative. THIS month I started bleeding on schedule(I use femilia to track) and have not stopped bleeding. I thought I had stopped today but then this evening my uterus decided to be a damn troll >:( Slight cramping, bright blood with few, if any, clots for the last 3 days
So, is my uterus making up for last month? Or is it something more sinister? Gonna try for a gyno appt soon, but wanted to check in here for any similar experiences..

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