June 14th, 2012


what's going on down there?

this one is a little puzzling.
i had sex with a male friend twice on april 4th, first time - we used a condom, second time - we didn't.
the second time he didn't "finish" so he pulled out i helped him finish.
afterwards for an entire month, i was panicked that i might be pregnant so i took 4 pregnancy tests (all negative, even though i ended up being a week late) and then my period showed up on may 3rd, but it was really heavy and it lasted 5 days.
so i pretty much assumed i wasn't pregnant.
then on may 31st, i had a very very light period (it was almost like spotting) that lasted 5 days.
now for the past couple days, i've been really crampy, much different than period cramps - they're almost as if someone is wringing my uterus and stretching it like silly putty. my belly sticks out a little more, almost as if i'm bloated and it's really uncomfortable (i'm a thick girl to begin with), but it's not hard like most pregnant women claim. plus i've been eating like mad crazy all weekend.
i thought about taking another test, but money is kind of tight these days and i fear that it will be negative because i really don't know what's going on with my body anymore.

anyone care to shed some light on this? thanks :)
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clear, watery discharge: somebody opened the floodgates!

This morning I woke up in a giant puddle of clear, watery discharge. More like a small ocean. I was soaked up my back! I'm almost positive that I'm nearing ovulation (if not ovulating as we speak) but I'm not 100% because I've been lazy about charting lately. I understand the clearer and wetter things get the more fertile I am but this was like a practical joke! I read elsewhere that heaps of discharge like this can spell cysts so does anybody have experience with that?

Five years ago I experienced the same type of discharge accompanied with intense pain, I wasn't in any pain this time. No symptoms other than my own personal swimming hole and it hasn't persisted throughout the day.

leaking pleese help

im not two good wit right names for body parts or spellin so plese dont make fun
i just feel like i wet myself but it wasint pee
my undees r sowked n it smellz like bleech
im not sure if it was frum my pee whole or tha othur whole
thers no color juss wet