June 8th, 2012

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Brown discharge after yeast infection treatment?

I've been having the symptoms of a yeast infection for a while and was prescribed fluconazole. After taking the fluconazole, I feel worse, and now I'm having brown mucousy discharge. I rarely have discharge, and I don't have periods so I know it's not spotting.

Is this a normal response to taking fluconazole when you have a yeast infection? Or is it the sign of a completely different infection? I'm really confused. Also, I have vulvodynia, which my gynecologist is convinced explains all of my symptoms. (I'm not so sure, because this is so out of the ordinary for me.)

Breakthrough Bleeding/IUD & the pill

Hello! Quick question...making this bullet-form.
-had the IUD inserted in June of 2011, bled for a few months, then stopped completely.
-began bleeding in early April, called the dr, they prescribed pills along with the IUD for one month
-had a new sexual partner in mid-April (we're both tested and had negative results prior to being sexually involved)
-stopped the birth control at the end of the pack
-began bleeding again, they prescribed another pack
-stopped that pack, began bleeding again
-currently spotting enough to be annoying, having cramps, headaches, etc.
-can't get to the doctor, so they've been prescribing it over the phone
-also, I have a bleeding disorder (von Willebrands disease)

Is it harmful to be taking two forms of birth control? While on the pill, I feel so much better. No cramps, no headaches. But if I'm only on one form (used to be on just the pill, always bled, and with just the IUD, I'm spotting still, a year later)
My aunt had breast cancer and I'm terrified this will kill me.
I'm going crazy, but I just want this yucky feeling to go away. And everytime the spotting almost stops, I have sex, and it starts right back up again.
Wah! Help?

Possible tear in vagina

I think I accidentally tore my vagina in the process of inserting/removing my Diva Cup last week when I had my period. During the last couple of days of my period, I couldn't use it because of the pain. Last time I had sex and went with it was last Saturday night. It burned like HELL afterwards and I wound up putting an icepack on my vagina to soothe it. For a few days I had some minor discomfort in that area (inside about 1 inch, on the side closer to my perinium).

The discomfort pretty much went away, so I tried having sex again last night, but it hurt too much in the first entry so I stopped.

I haven't had any abnormal discharge and there hasn't been much itching or any unusual odors, so I don't think I have a YI... though I know that a tear can cause a YI to start.

I guess what I'm wondering is, do you think this is a tear, and if so, how long should I go before I try to have sex again? Should I see a doctor? I don't imagine that they would be able to do very much about it because I think the best thing for it is to leave it alone. It doesn't hurt when there's nothing in it.
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Period being inconsistent...

i recently notice that my period doesn't stay consistent. sometime my period skips a month or two and doesn't come or whenever it does come it doesn't follow the constant cycle, i usually get it by surprise.

so i'll like to know should i be extremely worry about my period being so inconsistent? because this isn't the first time it has happen to me (i used to just put it off as stress) so i never put much thought into it but lately i notice that my period hardly come at all. also even when my period does come it is a very light flow and it only last about 4-5 days max.

thank for the help.
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