June 7th, 2012

Pre-Exam Ettiquette

Alrighty, VPers,

So, I've posted something recently about ongoing lady problems that no research can seem to match, though I'm thingking it's BV related. I don't want to post the same thing again with the long list of symptoms and such, but I finally scheduled an appointment for the 19th. Every time I go to a doctor for a situation in which I assume a pelvic exam will be needed, I make sure to clean very well down there to make it easier on the doctor. Now, one of the big symptoms is dark, dark, dark brown discharge directly associated to pelvic pain, but when I shower like that right before the appointment, the discharge is mostly washed away, and it looks like a small amount of old blood spotting (which I'm damn sure is not what it is). At that point they don't even complete an exam, give me YI medication and send me on my way.

So, my question is, do you think I should just go in all my brown-disaster-site glory? Or how about taking pictures and showing them to the gyn instead? Even though I asked the receptionist if I should keep track of anything and she said no? At this point, the sharp pains become so overwhelming and crippling, that I'm far from caring about embarrassment over it. I need it fixed now. Any feedback would be very appreciated, and the two options listed are the only I can think of, but if you have a different idea, suggest it! Thank you amazing gals (:

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Scared about breastfeeding

Hello peeps, 

A bit of a back story: I got a breast lift and implant after extreme weight loss. My left breast healed perfectly fine, I feel my nipple (the scars go all the way around my aureole) and have no issues. My right breast healed fine buuut my increased sensitivity on that nipple is INSANE! I don't even let my man pinch them because when he does (by mistake or whatever) I literally feel like I am going to cry. This hurts WORSE than getting them done. Usually there is no pain though, this is just when they are pinched, sucked on or what have you (I once bumped into a wall and yes, I literally almost fell to my knees and you're talking to the girl who just winced when her hand was impaled and took the object out without so much as an 'ow' and the same girl who walked home from surgery and never ever felt anything above a 4 pain wise after said boob job). So, my question is... can I breast feed with only one breast? Like, will my left breast be enough (cause the idea of a child sucking on my boob is akin to slow and painful death)? Or will I have to reach for formula?

Uti and yeast infection

Hi there!
I have been lucky enough to get a UTI and a yeast infection AT THE SAME TIME. wonderful. I like to use garlic to help with the yeast infections. I generally insert one clove overnight and feel better in the morning. Given that I am feeling tender from the UTI I am wondering if using garlic might aggravate the UTI pain? I know the urethra wont be touching the garlic but I'm still nervous.

Random questions?

1) So I've been aware of a strange phenomena I've been experiencing for a while now, but today was the first day I was actually AWARE of it, like put it into words, if you know what I mean. On my heavier days of my period I always have a decreased sense of taste. I noticed it really bad today when I was eating a very garlicky calzone. I could barely taste the crust, fillings, or marinara dipping sauce, and could only taste the garlic. And I was shaking on a ton of those red pepper flakes they always have at pizza places and I couldn't taste them/feel their heat AT ALL, and the amount I was using would have normally had me sucking down multiple glasses of water. Does any one else ever notice decreased sense of taste?

2) How long does it usually take for a HBC to lighten your flow? I'm on Desogen. My first withdrawal bleed was so amazingly light that didn't need my usual back up pad to my menstrual cup, and I could have gotten by with emptying my cup once a day. This is my second withdrawal bleed and I'm back to my normal emptying my cup every 2 hours plus thick pad for backup. :( I want it to be super light again!

3) I get fairly bad cramps, and I always get them around my anus! It seriously feels like my butthole muscles are cramping up. Is this normal?! I've heard of back cramps and thigh/leg cramps, but butthole cramps?!

4) When I'm on my heavy days I always get this weird feeling that is going to be really hard to put into words... It's like my head is slightly dizzy maybe? Or slightly like when you have a fever? You know how weird your head feels when you stand up or walk around? It's kind of like that. Maybe from the loss of blood? On these days I feel really dissociated too. Like I'm not completely aware of what's going on around me. Or something. Like I said it's really hard to put into words. Does anyone else experience this? Or know if there's a name for it?

5) This is a little off topic but does anyone have recommendations for places to buy sexy lingere? I'm getting married next month so I want to stock up. :) I've already bought a couple things from Victoria's Secret but I definitely would be interested in somewhere more affordable!!

Thanks, pals!

Wait, you mean I have a choice?

Hey all!

I have some questions about birth control.

When I had my first exam to be put on birth control, I was just put on the pill, no questions asked. It was pretty much "you want birth control? Here's your prescription." And it was fine, because I really wasn't aware there were other options. Fast forward 7 years, and I just recently had an exam to get back on some sort of birth control. It's been a few years since I've been on any sort of birth control, and so when she asked me what I had in mind, I was kind of baffled. I didn't really have an answer, so she gave me an information sheet, listing the different types, and told me to think about it, since I have another appointment on the 15th, to discuss some other health issues.

I don't remember there really being bad side effects from BC pills, but I was also taking an anti-depressant, and so I'm not sure which side effects I had were from which pill. I did put on weight, and my sex drive diminished. (much to the annoyance of my husband) I do have problems remembering to take it at the same time every day, even with an alarm, so options like Depo and Mierena are appealing to me. I guess I'm looking for advice from people who have had either (or both?). The weight gain is a big concern of mine, since I'm already really overweight. My Mother-in-Law advised against an IUD, because one of her friends had one (I'm assuming in the 70s or 80s, since she's in her 50's now.) and it was inserted incorrectly and she was unable to have children after that. I don't have kids of my own, but I'm not 100% sure that I don't want kids, so I'm hesitant to have any sort of sterilization done.

Any advice you guys can give would be greatly appreciated!
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Chronic pubic folliculitis.

Ah, the question I could only ask in an online community where I am relatively anonymous!

I have developed, over time, chronic folliculitis of my pubic hair. Specifically, the hair on my mons. It started several years ago back when I started using HBC. I keep my pubic hair trimmed, not shaved, and I began to notice that if I stayed in my sweaty clothes post-workout, I would get pretty itchy. However, as long as I showered and dried off thoroughly afterward, it would always resolve within a day or two.

Over the past year I've now begun to get folliculitis whenever it's very warm out and I sweat. I've been on broad spectrum oral antibiotics, which helped, but it came back as soon as it got hot out again. Once in a while I will get an actual boil, which I lance and keep as clean/covered as I can until it heals, but most of the time I'm just dealing with little red bumps at the base of most of my hair which itch like you wouldn't believe.

Things I've tried:

1. I wear only breathable cotton undies, and change them daily.
2. When I sweat I always try to take a shower soon afterward (within reason - sometimes I'm at work when this starts!) and use unscented soap, dry thoroughly.
3. I keep my hair trimmed short (so it doesn't get rubbed/pulled, and so my razor can't be the source of any bacterial introductions).
4. Using a lidocaine gel on the super itchy ones so that I won't be tempted to scratch until I draw blood!

From what I understand there are stronger/different types of topical antibiotic than the one that I've been using, and there may be a different type of oral antibiotic I can take to break the cycle - but are these long term solutions? Oh, and in terms of other contributing factors I do exercise on a regular basis, I'm a vegetarian and avoid processed foods, I get 8+hrs of sleep/night on most nights, and this doesn't seem to be stress related.

I'm at a loss, and would love some experience/ideas of how to deal with this!!!