June 6th, 2012

Nexplanon: Help!

I had the Nexplanon inserted <12 hours ago and I didn't realize there were an abundant amount of bad reviews. But it's there now, so I'm wondering if the vagina experts here can be of any help! I just want to know what to expect and if you want to add your experiences, please do :)

If you're curious about the insertion, ask and I'll share.
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what do you eat during your period?

Hey lovelies! I got my Mirena IUD out earlier this year, and am still getting used to having a period again after not menstruating for about five years. I'd love to be one of those people who is all ecstatic about "moontime" and feeling in tune with nature etc., but really I hate it and feel miserable when I'm bleeding. Looking for ways to relieve the bloating, crampiness, grumpy stomach and general low energy, I googled what to eat that might help.

There was some conflicting advice, but generally this is what I got:
-whole grains
-fresh fruit
-vegetables, especially greens
-beans and other legumes (which personally I avoid because my stomach is easily irritated at this time)

To avoid:
-caffeine (this one is so hard! I need my morning tea to function..)
-dairy products
-overly sugary foods (dark chocolate is ok though, phew)

Seems doable... my boi left some kunde (a local leafy green) and avocado for me, so I think that's going to be my lunch. For those of you who menstruate, what do you eat during your period to make yourselves feel better?
I well would.

Crohn's & Contraception.

Hello :)

I'm interested in hearing how people with Crohn's disease deal with birth control.

After a stint in hospital, I recently got diagnosed with Crohn's. I've also been using the birth control pill for a year. I've read on various online sources that relying on the pill as a form of contraception when you have Crohn's is unreliable at best (is that because of the tendency for diarrhoea?), so I assume I've just been very lucky not to have gotten pregnant by now! I was considering an IUD, but I've been put on prednisolone (the plan is that I'll be off in about two months), and just read in the leaflet that it can reduce the effectiveness of an IUD. My requirements for BC are rather picky: I don't want a barrier method purely for convenience. I'd rather not have to have an implant (simply because I'm a bit squeamish!), but I would go with it as a last resort. I really don't want to get pregnant!

If you have Crohn's, or another form of IBD, what do you use?

Thank you!

HBC and sun sensitivity?

Hello everyone!

I'm on Desogen, on the 4th day of the placebos, and am going swimming this afternoon. Normally I don't try to tan at all, but I'm getting married in July and want to even up the slight farmer's tan I've acquired. I normally tan quite nicely when I'm not on HBC, but when I was on a different pill in the past I burned horribly. I'm wondering if anyone has personal experience with sun burning on Desogen or any other HBC. And since I'm on the placebos, shouldn't I have a lower risk of burning since there's less (no?) artificial hormones swimming around?


Decided my vagina trouble is very likely BV, pointers?

So I posted a few days ago complaining about my vagina. I have been feeling 'uncomfortable' at times, is the best I can describe really, with the pain feeling like it's localized IN my vagina, towards my back.

When I insert my finger as FAR back into my vag as I can go, behind my cervix there appears to be a kind of discharge happening that I haven't really encountered before, it's a bit like wet, shredded toilet paper, and sometimes it's a bit greenish :/ It mostly has no smell, but occasionally I get this weird whiff of what almost smells like a cleaner? I can't describe the smell very well but it is kind of sickly sweet but chemical-y.

I have tried some apple cider vinegar, diluted (I am using kettle water, do i have to boil or use distilled water?) and today tried hydrogen peroxide and after both of these treatments I inserted acidophilus capsules and took one orally, as well...

I have a dose of diflucan sitting in my cupboard waiting for my next yeast attack - will this help?

I have PCOS, I have a Mirena IUD, and recently put myself into ketosis, on purpose, to lose some weight I'd gained from a more lax carb intake over the winter.I don't know if this is important info?

I feel like i'm covering my bases but I've not really felt any great improvement yet, so any tips are really greatly appreciated, I haven't typically been prone to bacterial vaginal infections, usually just the yeast infections.

Convincing doctor to agree to a hysterectomy

Hello all, I was wondering if anybody else has been in this situation...

I'm 29 and for the past few years I've had issues with my period that have been becoming worse and worse. When I was younger, my periods used to be fairly normal, although fairly heavy. That started changing about eight years ago, when I'd start missing a month here and there, or spotting during the middle of my cycle. My periods became even heavier, and started causing pain, and it's gotten to the point where they've pretty much interrupted my normal, everyday life. For example, last month I bled heavily for three weeks straight, and this month my period was light, but I was in severe pain, to the point where I was unable to move without hurting. I literally felt like someone had been beating my midsection with a two-by-four. I also have IBS, which I suspect is aggravated by period issues.
A couple years ago I did have a transvaginal ultrasound, and it was discovered that I did have a thickened endometrial stripe. In addition, my uterus is bicornuate (though I don't know to what degree) and retroverted towards my back. I suspect that I may have endometrial adhesions on my intestines as well, judging by my IBS flares around my period. In addition, PIV sex has never been an especially pleasant experience for me, and I wonder if the positioning of my uterus and the evidence of endometriosis is the cause. Even when it's not that time of the month, I live with a constant low-grade soreness around my middle.

My doctor wanted to do a uterine biopsy, but I never made the appointment as I don't have a car and my doctor happens to be affiliated with a hospital in an area I simply cannot get to on foot or by bus.
However, I'm ready to go back to this doctor and plead with her, as I just can't live with the hell my body puts me through. I'm certainly willing to get the biopsy done, and I have a friend who might be able to give me a ride. I've tried hormonal birth control methods for controlling the issues mentioned above, but HBC always seems to yield incredibly unpleasant side effects. I'd like to think that a partial hysterectomy could be a reasonable solution to my problems, but I could see where a doctor/surgeon would hesitate. I don't have any children, and intend to stay childfree for many different reasons, but I worry that I wouldn't be able to convince a medical professional.

I've researched endometriosis and different methods of birth control extensively, I know the benefits and risks, but I'd like to be able to argue my case for a hysterectomy as intelligently as possible. Would it come down to having to say "I'll sign a waiver promising not to sue if I ever change my mind about having children after my uterus is removed."? I really do feel that a hysterectomy is the best option for restoring good health. I don't want to live in dread of my next period.

Thanks for letting me ramble. Thoughts? Opinions?