June 4th, 2012

vag trouble... not sure what though?

So I recently had my second Mirena inserted and the experience was not too bad, far better than my first insertion. Within a few days I stopped cramping and within 2 weeks I stopped spotting, and things were nice for a little while, but yesterday I was inspecting my ladybits as I sometimes do, and noticed a stringy bit of greenish discharge. I sometimes get nabothian cysts but it didn't quite seem the same, I'm not sure... When I did an exploratory prod my discharge seemed a little off, it was thick and coated my finger but was not quite like a yeast infection... I was thinking maybe BV?

I tried to treat with a tampon soaked in diluted apple cider vinegar, and was OK for a while, but then drank a litre of water and had to wait to pee, and then had some trouble voiding, like I didn't seem to have much control over the flow, it just seemed to come out in a long, slow stream, and then afterward I was uncomfortable all around the right side of my uterus/ovary... It seems to come and go, because I voided twice later on and everything kind of -seemed- okay but I have a vague feeling of 'not right'.

I have had this experience a few other times recently, the lazy pee stream and the uncomfortable feeling, and i'm not sure what's up with my area! I am not having a lot of discharge so it's hard to say if things are wrong, if anything I would say that I may be drier than normal, and is this something that happens with BV? What are the preferred methods of treatment? Should I consult with a doctor?

MMMMonday! Vagina-friendly television.

Welcome to Mega Magical Meta Monday, when we bring you special maintainer-curated content meant to enrich your VP experience and diversify our discussions and membership. Remember that you can find past MMMMonday posts as well as other featured content in the "featured post" section in the upper right-hand corner of our LJ layout. We hope you enjoy MMMMondays! Today, let's talk about...TV.

So, there is a study that shows that watching TV reduces self-esteem in girls and black boys, while it has no such effect on white boys. This likely comes as no surprise to many of us, though it is certainly sad and frustrating. Obviously limiting exposure to television seems like the best idea, but I also want to talk about what television viewing choices we can make that are less harmful. If we screen the television we choose to expose ourselves to (probably eliminating commercial exposure would be a huge step), could we reduce the negative effect? What television shows exist that portray women and people of color in more depth and in more positive ways? Who are your favorite strong female and POC characters...or for that matter, who are your favorite characters who do not fit the straight white male privilege mold?

Especially if television has ever made you feel bad about yourself, are there shows or characters that make you feel good? If you were going to choose television shows for a child or teen to watch, what might you consider? And since the article sort of raised it: since we can't single-handedly change the industry, what can we do to help effect change?

Let's talk about TV. This post brought to you by my desire to offer up a MMMMonday post that's maybe a bit lighter than we've had lately, and also by my deep and abiding love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. ;)

PID pain - OTC pain meds

This question is almost certainly more appropriate for the askanurse community, but it's also a minor emergency and posting here is faster than waiting to join over there... so here's the thing:

It was my first day back at work today after starting treatment on Friday and, after being on my feet all day, I am in an extraordinary amt of pain. I walked out the door and burst into tears - I could barely stand up by the 7hr mark. It's better when I'm resting, but I can't miss anymore work. The clinician this morning told me I should take 800mg ibuprofen every 8hrs with food for the next three days... Well, let me tell you, that 800mg didn't even TOUCH it. Is there ANYTHING else I can do? Could a higher dose also be safe, for short-term? I'm 5'9", ~207lbs (ie, not a petite frame ;p).

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Also, any thoughts on whether this could be something other than PID? They really haven't explored other possibilities with me, and I guess they took the reduced temp (I got hit with a cold/flu the day before my first appt, and my temp was elevated at the first visit - so this seems a little misleading to me) and reduced pain upon internal palpation to be confirmation... which of course makes some logical sense, it's just alarming and unnerving that all this happened without ANY prior indication of any sort of vaginal infection, etc. My last PAP was normal (fyi), in 2010, and since I'm not due for another until 2013, I guess they didn't think it necessary to perform another? I'm just very confused, freaked out by this whole thing, and in an absurd amt of pain...

Thanks in advance, and I'm happy to answer any other questions if clarification is needed.

Treating a sneaky yeasty during withdrawal bleed?

I'm getting increasingly sure that I'm prone to sneaky yeast infections. The non-itchy kind with not too suspicious discharge (my discharge is usually pretty thick these days, possibly a symptom, but far from the there-is-cottage-cheese-in-my-undies look). It also tastes kind of bitter, but hey, that might just be me. The main symptom is that I get super sore from PIV sex, around the bottom of my vulva. It has been suggested on here before that it might be a sneak-YI that I was dealing with, so I treated with the tea tree method and as I recall the situation improved.

However, these last few weeks it seems to have returned, but I've been super lazy about treating it because my OH and I have been too tired and busy to have sex very often so I haven't really had many reminders! I want to get on top of it now, but I'm about to start a withdrawal bleed and I'm not sure whether there would be a problem with using my usual method (douching with diluted tea tree oil) while I'm bleeding. I use a mooncup too, so I'm paranoid that the oil would ~do something~ to it (don't ask me what, or how. But I can't afford a new one right now and I don't want to break it ;)) Any experience treating a YI whilst bleeding?