June 3rd, 2012

  • koubun

Marie Claire tells us all what our vaginas should look like

So I was reading my issue of Marie Claire and this article really pissed me off. I was expecting something that was actually empowering but all the article really did was inform me that I can buy a pastel-colored vibrator that looks like ice cream and that a lot of women shave. This is breaking news! I also loved this gem:

"In the same way that fashion models created a preteen body ideal, porn actresses are doing the same, with porn-perfect organs that are small, tight, and hairless, the inner lips shorter than the outer ones. In other words, the kind that belong to, disturbingly, 11-year-olds."

Uh, hey, fuck you! That's how my vagina... naturally looks. I have a small vagina with no visible inner labia and not a lot of pubic hair. Thanks for implying that my vagina is pre-pubescent and disturbing for looking the way it naturally does! It just reminds me of the gross "REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES!1!!" thing from a few years back.

Oh, and then they disallow comments unless you use Facebook and presumably put your real name on it. Excellent idea.

It would be really awesome if magazines would stop trying to police anyone's body in any way but it's probably more likely that the world is actually ending in December.