June 2nd, 2012

Differing periods?

So I'm not a good enough record keeper to be sure but i feel my alternating periods are different. When I was 18 (now 33) I menstruated every two weeks and they where defiantly very different, but i feel as though every other month my period is Heavier and longer with worse pms Does anyone else notice something like this?
I'm hoping mentioning this to the "public" will force me to make some effort to proper record keeping.

IUD Help

Hi Friends!

I was hoping to get some first-hand accounts of your experience with the Paragard IUD. I am thinking of getting one.

I have been using the Nuva Ring for years, and am really sick of the side effects hormonal birth control offers, and frankly, the price is very high.

So, for you ladies who have had or have the Paragard, what has your experience been like? How was the insertion? Side effects? Have any of you had to have it removed? If so, why?

Thank you in advance for any help. It is much appreciated.

Odd labia bumps

My labia are attempting to mutate.

I'm used to getting labial acne and stuff like that - Usually, I just let it do it's thing for a while and at some point, it'll pop (I help sometimes) and it goes away. 


Currently, I have what, I assumed, was an ingrown hair.  It's gone way beyond that now - it hurts like HELL, feels like about the size of a pea underneath it and the skin around the bump is swollen.  On top of that, the inguinal glands on that side are swollen and painful.  I know that injuries/cuts/scrapes/etc in an area often inflame the lymphnodes closest to it, so I'm not overly concerned - I'm just concerned that it's been almost 2 weeks since this thing popped up and it doesn't seem like it wants to leave. 

Anyone familiar with these sorts of things?  I've tried hot compresses, squeezing it (sometimes some white goo comes out), antibiotic ointment, etc... Dr. Google, of course, tells me it's likely that I'll die from some horrible disease.

If it's not better by Weds, I'm going to PP to see if they can do something for me since I don't have health insurance.  :/