5:06 am - 05/15/2012

Phantom Period? WTF?

So for the last three nights I have been waking up with awful cramps like those I usually get during my period. I have also had milder ones during the day for these three days. I was due to get my period yesterday, the 14th, and my body is like clockwork usually so I'm confused as to why I am experiencing all of the symptoms except the bleeding.

I did have unprotected sex with my fiance on my most fertile day this month (more of an oops and a miscalculation than anything) but I thought it would be far too early to be having symptoms at this point as it's only been two weeks. Also I haven't seen any spotting or anything but I was planning on taking a test in the next day or so if my period still hasn't made an appearance.

I don't know if it makes a huge difference or why I'd be having all the usual symptoms but the main one, but I have been under gobs of stress lately from losing my job to trying to pay off my wedding which is in 30 days and then my fiance's father died the other night and it's just been a mess. Could that be the issue? I've been stressed before and I have NEVER missed my period or been late before.

Anyone else have this happen?
I got the Rite-Aid generic brand of the EPT +/- pregnancy test and am kind of confused at my results. Out of the package, it had two little windows with really light faint bluish lines in them (not like it had been used, but like where you could expect to see the results), a vertical one on the control window and a horizontal one across the results window.

So anyway, I peed in a cup, got some on it, and waited the allotted time. The line in the control window turned a nice bright blue, but the line in the results window hasn't changed. The only thing in it is the light blue line that was there before I started my test. The instructions didn't say anything about the control window working and the other one not showing anything. I originally took it as "not pregnant" since it wasn't a +, but now I'm not so sure...
Mods, I hope it's okay to update the post I made here on March 9-  http://vaginapagina.livejournal.com/20710436.html with new information, since some of the kind superstars here said they might die of curiosity if they didn't find out what happened.

I'm sorry to say that, as much as I thought about and prepared my vagina before this trip, my visit was rather disappointing.  I think I had too much hope for how things would go when I got to her place.  I was so excited!  Unfortunately, when things didn't happen the way I anticipated, I couldn't shift gears to adjust my hopes so they aligned with reality.  I had said before that I didn't know if anything was going to happen with regard to sex, but I really felt strongly that it might.  I had gotten tested for HIV and had been so excited about employing all of the advice the VPers gave me, but then we didn't even hug to greet each other at the airport.  This lack of any physical touching really threw me for a loop and I couldn't figure out how to express myself they way I wanted to.  I kept thinking I wasn't as pretty as she thought I'd be or that I misread how flirty she had been with me before.  It wasn't all horrible.  We had a great time together and did lots of sightseeing and fun activities.  She really is a wonderful person.  I don't know what went wrong.  I don't have a lot of confidence in these matters- probably because of my limited experience in intimate relationships,  I just couldn't figure out how to get from talking about tennis, and chinchillas, and Italian food, to making out like we were teenagers in a romantic movie.  I know it's probably stupid and old-fashioned of me to think that it would have happened that way.  Sigh.  I had obsessed so much about that pubic hair shaving trend and read everything I could about having sex with her that I don't know what to do about my feelings for her now.  It was hard to listen to her talk about her ex-boyfriend from 30 years ago when all I could think of was how badly I wanted to touch her boobs. 
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I got my colposcopy done about an hour ago. They checked for abnormal cells, and said about 3/4 of my cervix was covered in severe dysplasia. They took 2 biopsy samples with a punch (ouch!) and said I will get a call in about a week with more information about removing all the dysplasia. Now I'm just laying in bed, with a heating pad on my pelvis, trying to sort through everything I just heard. Since I have high risk HPV, does this mean abnormal cells can just keep coming back? And if they remove them, does that mean there's no chance of cancer as long as I continue with pap smears more often? I guess I'm just confused as to what this means for me...

Any insight from people with HPV that have had abnormal pap smears would be great! Thanks so much.


Heyy =)

I posted yesterday about switching off of my nuvaring and back onto aleese. My doctor was able to call in the script earlier than expected and I can go pick up the pills any time. I ended up leaving my nuvaring in yesterday because it wasn't worth the gap in pregnancy protection for me, so I'm on day two of a new ring. If I remove my ring and start those pills when I pick them up today, is my protection good to go or do I need to wait the usual seven days? I wasn't sure how this works going from ring --> pill mid cycle.

Thank you!

12:01 pm - 05/15/2012

Bleeding between periods

I'm a newbie here but it looks like a good place to ask questions about all this stuff :)

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12:44 pm - 05/15/2012

Smelly brown discharge?

So I've tried Google and got really confused!

Basically, I'm about 2 weeks away from having my period and for the past 3 days I've had some brown-pink discharge, enough so that I have to wear a pad. Also, it smells really, REALLY terrible.

If I take a quick swipe inside with my finger, it comes away with a pink mucous coating that also doesn't smell great. A few weeks back, I had a yeast infection that cleared up all by itself and I hadn't had any problems since.

Apart from that I have really regular periods, I'm not sexually active, not on the OCP, never had STDs, no other symptoms assoc. with this discharge etc.

If it continues, I plan on seeing a doctor but I'm getting really self conscious! 

What could this be? Please help!

2:42 pm - 05/15/2012

iud, cramps, spotting

I recently got a Paragard (copper) IUD about 5 weeks ago. I've had some cramps and spotting, which I heard is normal. I feel like it's totally changed the environment of my vagina. Before, I hardly ever got wet, not even when aroused - not unless I had my period or an infection. Now, I get all sorts of random discharge. Sometimes it's pale pink and snot-like, - blood tinged, sometimes it's bloody, sometimes it's yellow or white and snotlike.

Anyhow, I'm on antibiotics for an ear infection at the moment, and I think I might be getting a yeast infection (I've had many before), but I can't really tell because the difference in discharge is totally throwing me off. I'm not really having any itching or burning or anything, it's just the discharge, which has been white or yellow and snotlike. It doesn't have any particular odor to it, it's pretty odorless. In fact the only thing making me think there's an infection is increased discharge and the fact that I'm on antibiotics.

Oh yeah, I was also wondering if anyone had any recommedations for holistic remedies to cramps. I've definitely taken more advil than usual, and I do exercise 4-5 times a week, and use a heating pad sometimes. I was just wondering about other suggestions, if any.

Any thoughts?
well, I saw a professional today, and the final verdict was that the ring of tissue (which I now think of as pretty little flower petals, thanks to you all), is indeed my hymenal remnant. good call there! and that, combined with my being on the compact side, is probably why some nurses have had a hard time with catheterizations.

also, it has been at least 1.5 years since my last annual, but when I told my ob-gyn about recent events, she just gave me the prescription I've been wanting for HBC. in her words, "you don't need an annual, you've had to see enough doctors." ♥ (I should note, I've been in a monogamous relationship with the same partner since my last pap, and have never had an abnormal result, so there's absolutely nothing irresponsible about that.)

just thought I'd share a mention of a good ob-gyn, since there are so many not-so-great ones out there.

anyway, all anatomically fine, but the downside of that is that she agreed the problem likely is neurological, especially given my other symptoms. that makes five doctors saying "maybe MS," and even today I had difficulty balancing on the scale to be weighed. I have an appointment with an MS clinic tomorrow, so hopefully there will be some resolution soon- I do not want to have MS, but I also hope they don't dismiss me, and that all this works out in a livable way.
How many longtime cup users have found that they didn't have to switch to the larger-size cup around age 30? I don't and won't have children, which removes the other common cause for upgrading, so I guess feedback from nulliparous users would be most helpful.

I know "age 30" is a loose guideline; there's no significant difference between the state of my body at 29 years, 364 days and at 30 years. Unless there is vagmagic someone hasn't told me about.

Aaannnd as with everything from the waist down, mileage varies greatly from user to user, but I was wondering if there's anything that could give me a rough idea, other than my current plan of "keep using size A until I stain the hell out of a few pairs of underwear". (I've got a couple years left til I hit 30, and size A is still working just fine.)

(Also, can I just say that even having lost my first cup 8 years ago to an act of dog, and having to buy a third cup last year after mistakenly thinking I'd lost my second, I love that I've still saved hundreds of moneys over traditional products. yay)
5:39 pm - 05/15/2012

Fishy Smell

Hi, I'm a newbie here. I'm hoping someone here can help me with some problems I've been having.
The rules and stuff are down today so I don't know if I'm supposed to use a cut or not, but I've seen that lots of other people haven't so I won't either.
Anyway, I went to the doctor about a month ago because I was having pain while peeing. Not really a burning sensation, more like a soreness in my bladder. He tested for a UTI and STDs, and I came up completely STD free. So did my husband. As time went on, the soreness got a little worse. It happened when I had sex with my husband as well, and there was a really bad fishy smell afterwards. That always happened and I thought it was normal, but for 2 weeks it was terrible and it didn't go away after I showered. For about the last week it seems to have been going away, along with the painful peeing. I've been drinking a lot of cranberry juice but I don't know if that has anything to do with it going away.
I have no clue as to what this could be. I don't have any abnormal discharge. I'm planning to go back to the doctor but if this is something I can treat over the counter, or if it will go away on its own, then I won't. I don't want to ignore it if it's serious though. Help?
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