1:36 am - 01/13/2012

YI transferred to anus

Hi VPers,

Here's my middle of the night/ I can't sleep from the worst itch I've ever had/keep me from ripping out my anus story:

On Dec 29th, I woke up with typical YI symptoms. Swollen SWOLLEN vulva, itchy, burning, discharge, etc. I immediately took a Monistat 1 day and then went off on a holiday trip that same day. The symptoms subsided a bit but were still there. When I got back into town I booked an appointment with the nurse practitioner at my ob/gyn and she confirmed it was a bad YI and prescibed Fluconazole (150mg) to be taken immediately then again within 48 hours if the symptoms hadn't subsided. That was the 4th and on the 6th I took the second dose cause the symptoms were still (very) there. In addition to the Fluconazole she prescribed Terconazole 0.4% cream to be applied intravaginally every day at bedtime for 7 days. My last dose/applicatorfull of the cream was on the 10th and here I am with a really itchy anus. Like I'm sitting here balling because it's so horribly itchy and I don't know what else to do. Fuck!

So my questions are:
Why wouldn't the two doses of Fluconazole prevent the YI from transferring to my anus? I'm assuming that is what happened.. How do I stop the itch?? I've tried tea tree oil (recommended in the YI tags), the vulva cream that came with the Monistat 1 day, ice cold water, apple cider vinegar, scratching!.. Nothing!!!
What do I do?!! :(

7:19 am - 01/13/2012

frequent urination?

Hi, I am about to start taking Yasmin to double up protection with condoms. My current cycle is 28 days and regular, like the pill cycle. When should I start taking the pills if I want to stay in synch with my current cycle and continue to start my period on the same days I would have started it, if I wasn't on pills? Should I do the day-1 start described in the pill pack, the Sunday start, or something else? I'm very confused. Thanks.
12:38 pm - 01/13/2012

Lesbian Sex and BV

Okay, so I have a bit of an odd question, with a back story, and I'm hoping that anyone out there could help. My girlfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year now. We are in a monogamous relationship and we are quite sexually active. Prior to this relationship, I've been sexually involved with men and women and had STI tests which have all come back negative, but I suppose that's a bit irrelevant. Anyhow, prior to my relationship with her, I've experienced maybe 3 or 4 yeast infections (YIs) in my life. But after I began having sex with her, it's as though my entire biochemistry changed. We've both had numerous STI tests and we're both negative. But, I keep getting YIs, and the last time I went to my gyno (in August), I had bacterial vaginosis (BV). Since then, I've experienced BV several times, and it's quite disturbing. As I've been with her longer, I've also come to recognize her unique scent, and when it isn't quite right. I'm thinking that when we started dating, she may have had BV and between all of the oral action, tribadism, and toy sharing, I think it's entirely possible that I caught it from her. So, I want to know if 1) it's possible that I caught that particular bacterial infection from her? and 2) can it just come an go on its own? 

Sometimes, her smell is off, and other times, she smells perfectly normal. Same for me. If we are reinfecting each other, and we'd like to stay clear of metrogel/flagyl, should we do simultaneous combination treatments such as H2O2 douching, active culture plain yogurt vaginal inserts, folic acid and acidopholus supplementation, boric acid with coconut oil suppositories, etc.???? Also, if I feel the symptoms disappear, should I immediately discontinue treatment and just wait until the next time symptoms appear, or should I continue the full course (i.e. 2 weeks of boric acid pills intravaginally,or daily folic acid with acidopholus for a month, etc.)?

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :-)

Hello fabulous peoples - 
Long time lurker, first time poster - 

So I'm coming up on the end of my period - the last days.  All my uterine lining has been shed & the majority of bleeding is done.  Now it's just the last 1-3 days of a few drop of fresh blood but mostly just old blood getting out.  I was hoping this would be a short period, but it's turned into a longer one unfortunately.  I've got a hot date with my honey tomorrow & we've just started our romancing & only get to see each other every few weeks, so I want everything to be as near to perfect as I can manage.  We really love the 69 position - but I'm way too self-conscious to do so if there is any blood up inside my vaginal cavity.  Is there anything I can do to move this process along?

Reading around other internet boards people say orgasms (self induced in this case) or "lots of" exercise can help.  I'm not sure what "lots of" means as I'd say it depends on your level of exercise to begin with.  I've also never douched - my wise-women lady friends always advised against it - but sometimes there are exceptions.  Is there a natural douche or specific type that people could suggest if this might work?

Thanks everyone - seriously - I love this community.  Such a valuable resource.

Hi all,

As you might know, VP maintainers will make posts on behalf of others who wish to remain anonymous. This is one of those posts.

Please to continue your regularly scheduled awesomeness,
For the VP Team


Hello, everybody! Thanks in advance for your help.
Last night I had this distressingly strong ache--it came on suddenly after sex and felt at moments as if somebody was twisting my uterus. The ache extended to the tunnel of my vagina. I felt so moaning and groaning and started to feel prickles of sweat all over me, until I took a hot bath and zombied out in the water and calmed down, after which the ache was still present but not as strongly. Has this happened to anyone else before? Do you know what it could be? I looked it up and started to wonder if it was some new kind of ovulation pain, but I think that the temperature shift generally occurs AFTER a person has ovulated, and the pain was the day OF the temperature shift. I've been sitting at a desk a lot of the time for the past week or so, working on papers for school, so I thought that maybe being too sedentary had caused it. The things that would be scarier for me that I found when I looked up were endometriosis and implantation pain.

Background information:

I'm kind of neurotic.
My cycles are usually 31 days or so, 37 under extreme stress.
My last cycle was a 33 day cycle with a temperature shift, so I know I ovulated, but then I had sex with my male partner on the six day of the following cycle--this current cycle--no condom, but ejaculation occurred outside of my body.
Stretchy cervical mucus started on the 14th day of the cycle, with a slight temperature dip on the 15th day, then a rise in temperature yesterday and today, the 18th and 19th days of the cycle. The 18th day was the day of the pain.

What do you think? I will be so grateful for your caring and insightful commentary, the likes of which I've been secretly enjoying for years!
7:39 pm - 01/13/2012

Ceftin for two problems?

I just got prescribed Ceftin for a sinus infection today. Tonight, I've started to feel slight UTI symptoms (then again I've been having them on and off for a month) and I'm fairly certain that Ceftin can be used to treat those as well? 

So my question: I'm on Ceftin for 10 days, twice a day. If I did happen to have a UTI, would it knock that out as well? Anyone had bad side effects from Ceftin?
Does anyone know of any initiatives or organizations that deal with providing cloth pads to impoverished women in urban centers? I am trying to find out of if there is something in my city that I can get involved in, but I am not having much luck! :s Does stuff like this exist?
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