12:38 pm - 01/04/2012

How in the world?

Hello superstars!

I have a quick question... how do you count the first and last days of your period? Like if I get my period on a tuesday does this mean I started spotting on a tuesday and it turned into a flow? Or what if I started spotting on tuiesday night and then the flow was more regular by wednesday morning? Also, if I say my period is 4 days long should I count getting it say tuesday evening and then it being gone saturday morning or would that actually be three days long? I am so confused by all this all o the sudden u.u 
2:30 pm - 01/04/2012

Cut on Clitoral Hood

I've just recently (as in yesterday) noticed a stinging sensation near my clitoral hood that I think may be a cut. It's not anywhere near my vaginal opening. I only notice it when my clothing rubs against it, or when I'm bathing. There aren't any lumps or bumps or sores anywhere, and it the sensation feels rather like a paper cut feels. What might this be? I've posted recently about my anxiety disorder and panic attacks and trying to get up the courage to go get a pap smear, so when I do that, I'll ask about it, but I just wanted some reassurance in the meantime. I've never had anything like this before and I've only just noticed it, and I'm not sexually active, although I have been 5 years ago.

As for the pap situation, I have been trying some techniques to get my courage up, like talking to friends about their experiences, reading a lot about the procedure, and trying to reassure myself. Mid-Feburary is my goal. Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

Hi rock stars!!
I normally use garlic when I suspect yeastie beasties but now that I'm pregnant I wanted to ask if there is any reason why I shouldn't this time?
I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow if that makes any difference!


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11:13 pm - 01/04/2012

Spotting on Lo Ovral

So I have been on Lo Ovral for about a year and a half. I love it but these past two months once I get to week 3 on my pack I start spotting. Has anyone else had this issue? It is pretty much a constant brownish tinge for the whole week and then my period starts after a day of the sugar pills. Up til last month, I never spotted and my period was always on the wed after starting the sugar pills like clockwork.

If it makes any difference I am 30, and been with my boyfriend for a year.
So, I started taking Loestrin 24 Fe in August. I took that for 3 months and never got a period. I switched to Microgestin Fe 1/20 because it is wayyyy cheaper than Loestrin. I just finished my second pack and still have not had a period. I am 90% sure I'm not pregnant (no symptoms otherwise) but I was curious to see if this is normal? I really like not having to worry about a period, but it might be comforting to have one now and then, since I am sexually active. 

I have not missed any pills, and if any were late, it was only by an hour or so. I am waiting until the university health clinic reopens on Monday to ask my nurse, but until then: internet, what say you?

Thanks :)
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