Kadye (kadye) wrote in vaginapagina,

can you get pregnant from fingering + precum around ovulation (and another question)

hi, i'm new to the community and feel really silly asking this but what is the likelyhood of getting pregnant from fingering with precum present on my partners fingers during the peak of my fertile days? this happened on aug. 11th and i feel and look very bloated, my breasts are also sore to the touch so i'm a bit concerned.

also, completely unrelated but my friend is also stressing out about something aswell and i didn't know what to tell her. she took birth control for 21 days then decided she wanted to get off it for good, so she stopped and got her withdrawl (i think that's what you call it?) bleed a few days after but she was wondering when to expect her next period that isn't a withdrawl. apparently she'sbeen having pms symptoms but i didnt know what to tell her. any info would be great

thanks in advance, sorry for the two questions in one post.
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