Let Me Walk, Before They (makemerun) wrote in vaginapagina,
Let Me Walk, Before They

Prolapsed Uterus

Ever since my son was born (C-section, 18 months ago), I've had problems urinating (frequency, feel like I have to pee but can't, can't fully empty my bladder EVER), lately I've been having a lot of lower back pain, and my husband's been hitting my cervix a lot easier than normal during sex and in general, sex hasn't "felt right".

WELL. Yesterday I got a tampon stuck, and when I finally got it out, my cervix was about half an inch from poking out my vagina.

I freaked out and called the nurse hotline, and she had never "heard of something like that happening before" and gave me the usual, if you can't sleep go in now, otherwise wait until tomorrow stuff, and told me to sleep with my pelvis raised.

I googled around a bit, and it seems like this is obviously a uterine prolapse. :/

Does anyone here have any experience with them?

I'm going to get an exam tomorrow, I'm just kind of freaked out and could use advice, etc.
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