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Someone please tell me what just came out of my vagina

I'm on Alesse 28, and this is the first month I've been on it. Today was the start of my withdrawal bleed (today being the third day of my placebo week). I had some painful cramping, as is usual for me, and a couple hours after taking my usual dose of Naproxen I was feeling much better. I went to empty my Diva Cup this evening, and found what looked like a deformed tongue at the bottom. The picture doesn't really do it justice/show it clearly, but it's at least the size of a quarter, very thick tissue, and has the texture of a wet hunk of skin. Someone please tell me this is nothing to be alarmed over. I have never had anything like this happen before. I'm definitely calling my doctor in the morning, but until them, I'm sort of freaking out that maybe I just gave birth to an alien embryo or something.

Other points that may be important: I recently had an abnormal pap and am going back in six months to have my doctor look at it again. My HPV was negative, and none of my blood tests showed anything abnormal except that I'm low on vitamin D. I'm sexually active, have only one partner, and I am my boyfriend's only partner. If there's anything else you'd like to know that may help discern what this is, ask away.

Tags: menstruation/periods, uterine-lining
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