December 14th, 2011

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Nipple Question

This is my first time posting and I have a questions that I've been wondering about since I've been old enough to notice the issue.

Why is it that my nipples never get hard during foreplay/sex? The only time it happens is when I am really cold. Is that unusual? Sometimes I can pull them out but it retracts right away. Would this be considered an inverted nipple? I've tried to look some stuff up, but nothing is really conclusive. If they are inverted is that common and are there any negative aspects to this?
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Post Colposcopy & Result

Hi everyone,

I posted about my HPV+ last month here and I wanted to let you know that you all truly helped me get through with it and come to terms that I do have it.

I had my colposcopy procedure just this Monday (which went better than I expected!) and I got my results from my Dr. today and I wanted to let you all know that it was negative!! I truly was expecting the worse because I did not want to get my hopes up only to be heartbroken if the result was something other than that.

I essentially understand my result, that I do not have pre-cancerous cells. But I still feel that I'm not truly understanding it..maybe I'm still trying to absorb it all. Can you VPer's help clarify this for me? What does this mean for me in the future? I know that just because my result was negative, I still do have the virus. I was told to come back after 6 months and my Dr. told me it will probably go away, but as much I hope that it will turn out that way I don't want to get my hopes for nothing cause there are endless possibilities.

What do I do now? What do I do to maintain my cells from becoming abnormal again? I read somewhere that taking vitamins such as folic acid can help..what are your thoughts on this?

Also to those who had a colposcopy before - -I have a question about the liquid band aid. I was informed to expect dark-coffee  ground-like vaginal discharge, however I haven't had any of that, is this okay?

Sorry so much questions, I feel so silly asking so much but I really would like your input.

Thanks so much again!

BV and Lube

I've never posted to this community before but I have a question concerning lube and BV.

About 7 days ago I went to the obgyn at school to get a routine STD/STI test/pap smear/whatever and they diagnosed me with BV. I wasn't really aware that anything was wrong in the first place, I just felt very very minor discomfort and a little itchy. They prescribed me Flagyl and I took it orally twice a day for 7 days. On the last day of my treatment, before I took the last pill, I had sex. I know this was pretty dumb because sex usually isn't recommended until treatment is completed but it just sort of happened. We used a condom but we also used a water-based lube. Now I'm having the same sort of discomfort I experienced before, and I'm wondering if it is just a reaction to the lube or if I could have reintroduced the BV into my system (by using the lube or just by having sex). I realized that I had also used the lube while having sex (again, protected) about four days before I was diagnosed. I'm coming home from school for winter break on Thursday, should I see my regular gyn and ask him to re-test me for BV? All my STD/STI tests were negative and now I'm paranoid that I screwed something up and I'm going to have to do an additional course of antibiotics which would be miserable. Could the lube have caused the infection in the first place? Is there anything I can do? Also, how can I prevent this from happening again? Has this happened to anyone else?

Thanks so much!


My doctor prescribed me reclipsen because I have recently become sexually active.

I looked up the side effects and stuff and it said that weight gain, headaches and mood swings were common. I've been on it for 3 weeks so far and haven't experienced any of the symptoms, although now I fear I am getting the headaches and mood swings and I really don't want to gain weight!

I weigh about 120 lbs, and have a bit of a confidence issue, thinking that my tummy is a bit chubby, but i think just going to the gym to tone up would fix that.

what do you guys know about reclipsen. If my mood swings and headaches continue should I got back to my doctor to get a different BC?

Help Please...My body is going out of wack.

I have several issues going on right now and I have no idea whats causing them.

I am not sexually active at the moment.

1st off I normally don't have a period but once or twice a year. I got the Depo Shot for the first time in May 2011. I only took one because it made my bones ache. But now for the past couple months I've been getting my period 2x or more a month. Its freaking me out. And now I am bleeding VERY heavily.  

2nd I have a UTI. I think it is being caused by use of tampons. And I do not use pads, I just feel unsanitary and  uncomfortable.

3rd I also have a hemorrhoid that I am currently treating. 

I'm completely uncomfortable and irritated by all my on going issues.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Boyfriend has wart? Unsure of how to talk about this

My boyfriend seems to have a wart on the shaft of his penis. We have protected sex but haven't in a few days because I recently got a UTI. I have HPV but I am looking to follow up with a pap smear (I was advised to have an annual done to check on my dysplasia). I was diagnosed over a year ago with HPV.

This has been a really sensitive issue with me and I want to have sex without worry that I am going to get warts or another strain of HPV, because I've worked on becoming a lot healthier since being diagnosed. I've been exercising, taking vitamins, eating right.

How would I bring this up with my boyfriend? He has already been tested for everything else; the only thing he has is HSV1 which 90% of people have anyway, but I'm negative for both HSV1 and HSV2.

Thanks for any help. I just want to know how to bring this up appropriately.


Okay.... Soo....Ummmm.... I just got out of the shower and I shaved my lower area.... I read some articles before I shaved... And when I tried shaving over the summer, I got a lot of bumps and stuff... Kinda of some gross details but um, this time i shaved down before up instead of just up...The article said that I got bumps proly because of that before... And someone said to put lotion on after and let it air dry... I can already see some bumps though.. Did I do something wrong? Is there something more I can do to prevent more bumps and/or get rid of the ones I have now...?... Thank you so much!!

oh....and when it grows back, is it gonna be all bumpy and itchy....?....
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Implanon insertion experience

I got Implanon today and because the tag didn't have much information about it, I thought I would post a brief recount of my experience. If I'm allowed, I'll edit this post later on with new information as it becomes available to me (such as side effects). Otherwise, I'll just add new posts if it seems that there is an interest.

The whole procedure took about thirty minutes from the time I stepped into the exam room to the time I walked out the door. I signed two consent forms and then the process pretty much started rolling.

The nurse practitioner and the other nurse who helped her verified that the Implanon was in the needle. Groovy. This is done every time.

My arm was numbed, and this was the "worst" part. Everyone agrees that this is the worst part and the nurse practitioner doing the insertion said that the previous girls really hated the burning sensation and that some cried - but it was pretty much pain-free in my opinion. I would not have even mentioned the VERY slight burning sensation, which lasted about six seconds, if they didn't ask about it. Gardasil felt way worse to me, and even that was completely bearable. My reaction was apparently a rare one, though. They said no one had handled it so well. For the "worst" part, it was easy.

I've had numerous body and facial piercings, and the needle used for Implanon is only a tiny bit larger than any of those needles (around 14g) were - or maybe it was the same, honestly. It might look very scary to those who haven't been pierced. I was curious about this, and she let me touch the numb place before using iodine to sterilize it again. I am very glad that she encouraged my curiosity.

She said "Big stick" and then inserted the needle. I could feel it moving inside of my arm, but it was painless. I felt it moving further in distinctly, watched her as well as I could when she was pushing a button to inject the device, and then felt it slide out. She pushed a piece of gauze to it and had me feel where the Implanon was.

I admit, I wasn't sure that I felt it so I just said that I did. I don't know why I couldn't feel it. Maybe I wasn't really sure what I was looking for or something.

She put a band-aid on it, wrapped my entire bicep in an ace bandage and told me to leave them on for a week and for a day respectively. Afterward she sent me on my way with a wallet card to remind me to get it changed in three years.

I feel a slight tightness when I lift my arm, but otherwise there isn't really any pain. I can definitely feel it now. I'm an over-sharer so I'm telling everyone. I'm also really excited that I had it done. I am not looking forward to the bleeding that apparently happens to many people in the beginning and if I have excessive bleeding, I hope to stick it out for a long time to let the side-effect pass because I will be really disappointed if this doesn't work for me!