November 16th, 2011

Drug interaction woes and worries

Hey all yalls!

I have an armload of questions to ask! Sock puppet account is a sock puppet, as I don't want all my friends to know I'm gettin' it on.

First off, I am 20, bipolar and I'm currently on 400mg lamictal and yaz. I know that they interact and that I can't really trust the yaz anymore, which used to be ok, because I wasn't having sex (I take it for terrible periods and associated mood swings). But now I am, and I'm not sure what non-barrier methods are suitable. I'd really prefer not to use a condom, especially since right now STIs aren't an issue. I know there are other barrier methods, but part of me is very afraid of "messing up", failing and ending up pregnant.

I'm worried about going off of yaz, because the last time I switched birth control (to try ortho tri cyclen) I had horrible mood swings and panic attacks. And this summer I was out a pack of yaz, and the aftermath of that wasn't pretty either. I was a total mess. Since I'm currently a college student, I really want to avoid as many mood issues as possible- when my mood swings get bad they are disabling, and I can be nonfunctional for weeks to months if it gets bad. I already had to miss a semester of college due to mood problems, and I don't want to do that again.

I was considering getting a paraguard (can't mess that up), since even if my relationship doesn't last for the very long term I know I do not want to have kids for at least the next 10 years.  But is it possible to take birth control pills at the same time, especially if mood is the main concern?

Obviously I'm going to be talking to my doctors about all this, I'm just looking for some advice and ancedata first! 

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Spotting. Implantation or other?

background - Age 25, no b.c., no stds, longtime partner, never pregnant

I have been using the pull-out method as b.c. with the idea that if I get pregnant it would be a blessing.
About 2 days ago I had regular (not rough) intercourse and later that day I experienced what I can only assume was cervical pain( I have only experienced cervical tenderness with a pap). The cervical pain abated after about a day and a half but I was lightly spotting the day after with bright blood and today with darker.
I was ovulating, he did,um, eject in time and he is not one for pre-cum.

So what do you think? Implantation seems to early and he has never really hit my cervix before, even during ovulation.
I would love to be pregnant but sadly I think he may have just bruised my hoo-ha
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Alternative menstrual products! Hooray!

Hello everyone! I've got a few questions about alternative, less-wasteful things to use during my period.

You see, I have some cloth pads, but, while extra adorable (treasure chests and tiny cherry prints!), they...have gotten to be a bit of a hassle. Only one of them is totally dark, and the rest, no matter what I do I can't get the damn stains out. I wash them thoroughly every time with COLD water and I use an eyedropper full of peroxide solution to get the stubborn spots, but at the end of the day, I spend way too much time worrying about how clean I can get them. Call me weird, but that's it! So...while I'm not going to outright STOP using them (they were an investment, and they still work), I'd like to know more about other, "greener" period products.

I've considered a cup, but they're also an investment. The idea sounds awesome, but I don't want to buy one just to figure out that I don't like the way it feels. Also, I know there are "organic" tampons and such, but I don't know all that much about them and I'd still be concerned about the waste factor. The Insteads have caught my eye, especially after I saw an ad about them saying they have a new once-per-cycle-use Softcup, instead a bunch of disposables.

(The potential of having less messy period sex with one in sounds appealing as well, since I'll be seeing my boyfriend in 4 weeks and we'll probably be together when the Crimson Uterus Banshee arrives.)

So, what I ask is this.
Does anyone have any alternative menstrual products they use and want to recommend? They can be cup brands, different cloth pads (I got mine off Etsy), or something else.
Also, does anyone here have period sex using Insteads? How well do they work for you with that? Have any tips for less messy sex that isn't a disposable cup?

I'm all ears! Or...eyes. Yeah.  :)
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Identifying first day of period

Hey, everyone!

I recently started tracking my cycle with Monthly Info, but I'm having a hard time determining when my period officially starts. I usually have 1 or 2 days of very light, brown spotting before the "real" bleeding starts (so light that I don't need to use any protection--I just notice it on the toilet paper when I wipe). So is the first day of spotting the first day of my period? What do you consider to be the first sign of your period?

Late period while on BC

Hi all,

I've been on Yaz for about a year now and with my Thursday start date, I always have gotten my period on Tuesday. And now it's Wednesday and I haven't gotten it. My boyfriend and I recently stopped using condoms so pregnancy is the first thing on my mind. I have also been traveling a lot because of a sick relative (obviously added stress) so I was thinking that could have to do with the late period but I was under the impression that my period shouldn't be late when taking the pill. I took a pregnancy test this afternoon which came out negative...would it be too soon to tell?

Any feedback or info would be so wonderful-- I'm really starting to get worried.


What are my chances of getting pregnant?

My boyfriend came inside of me right after the first day of starting birth control for the first time.  It was also the last day of my period when he came inside. I'm freaking out that I may be pregnant and can't wait a month to find out. What do you think are my chances of being pregnant? :(

Changes in Diet and Exercise.

Hello all. I recently (Monday!) began a new diet and exercise regimen. I've been exercising pretty rigorously every day for about 45mins. I've also been eating salads, granola bars and a lot of fruit as well as less food overall. Not that I ate really unhealthily before but it's a definite change from the carb-heavy meals and numerous snacks I would have.

My period was due today but is not present. I've read that a variety of things can cause it to be late, diet and exercise among them. How late can one expect it to be in this case?

Thanks for any input :)

possible UTI. bleh.

okay, so. ive got what i think is a UTI - ive never had one. the symptoms (basically just very frequent, unavoidable, painful urination with cloudy urine, as well as discomfort all the time) started late last night, before bed.

i'll be going to a doctor tomorrow evening to get it checked out - i'm just worried. my sister had one not too long ago and she was up all night in tears, and unable to sit down. i never asked how long she had the minor symptoms for before this happened.

basically, i want to know: how long do i have to get my paws on the antibotics before i start to get bad symptoms? 

also, does anyone have a ballpark on how much the antibiotics will run me?