September 30th, 2011

Migraines of a different kind?

Hey VP!  this isnt really vag related but so many people post here im guessing someone might be able to give me a clue as to what is going on. I do have a doctors appt on monday and im pretty sure i will be alive to go there :) Im a long time migraine sufferer , had them as a kid and figured out my triggers and for the past 3 ish years havent had a problem. i suffer from endometriosis and im currently on Lupron Depot shots which have brought them back, but Imetrex and a few vitamin changes has helped untill a few weeks ago.

Ive started waking up with them in the middle of the night. I get on averange 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night, and Eat a pretty good diet. This is not my normal migraine pattern. then starting early this week i wake up with a migraine and shortness of breath. the yesterday i woke up and the side of my body that i get migraines on was a bit tingley i figured i must have been on a nerve and got a migraine. untill this am when i woke up with shortness of breath, muscle weekness on that side , migraine, and vomiting. Im thin and only 21 and very athletic so im having truble figureing out what is up.

Has anyone expeienced this before?  Ive been up walking around for a bit and feeling slightly better but the left side is still not with it. lol . sorry for the gramer issues. and thank you for any help

My body is confused. Help?

Hey all!

So, here's my situation.  First off, I'm not sexually active, so pregnancy is impossible.  Secondly, last year there was a lot of stress, I lost a lot of weight really quickly, and moved around a lot, so that explains a little.  BUT!  Since about spring of 2010, my 'periods' have been so ridiculously irregular, I don't know what to do.  I'll go 3 months, then 2 weeks, then 4 months, then 2 months, then 5 weeks, then 4 months.  Weird weird weird.

So now I'm on a regimen of daily parsley tea, and I'm taking some natural supplements for women that are supposed to balance hormones and such, and my weight is relatively steady and I'm eating normally again.  That's been for a while now, but still no blood.  Just last week something that reminded me of a yeastie but didn't seem to turn into one (Extra discharge and some itching, but no more, I treated with yogurt for a day). 

Any thoughts?  I'm starting to feel like less of a woman, which I know is ridiculous, but there it is.

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yeast rash under breast

I have what I suspect is a yeast rash under my right breast, It looks a lot like my son's yeast rash that he had on his bum that I treated and is now okay. He has no thrush.

I am wondering if I can use his rash cream on my rash. My main concern is that I am exclusively breastfeeding him so not sure if it might not be okay for that - external vs potentially internal. It is a combo of Nystatin and Hyderm 1%. Obviously I'm going to go see my doctor but since it's the weekend I can't get in until at least Monday. Does anyone know if it's okay?

What can I do to avoid giving it back to him, and are there any home remedies that might help in the meantime? It's not terribly itchy but I just don't want to be spreading it around. Do I have to worry about it on my clothes and towels, and do I have to treat them somehow to make sure I'm not spreading it? I've done some googling but I'm not really finding the answers.

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Advice Please?

So the guy I am sort of seeing came over last night and we had a lot of rather vigorous sex. The condom broke on the first time, and I am not currently on any form of contraception. We figured it's already happened so we may as well continue, so we had condomless sex for the rest of the evening and once this morning. I went and got emergency contraception this morning. My question is: I am due to have the implant inserted into my arm in two weeks - will the hormones in the emergency contraception impact this in any way? Should I be getting a pregnancy test prior to having the implant, to be sure?

Also, a couple of hours before he came over I shaved, and I ended up with a really bad patch of razor rash at the very top of my inner thigh, right next to my labia. During the course of sex it got very irritated, and I don't think the presence of his semen helped. It's really sore this morning, and feels hot to the touch as well as rather lumpy. It's also bright red. Any advice on how to soothe it? I don't have a bath, unfortunately, or I would be lounging in there for a couple of hours. I'm also peeing a hell of a lot, and although I have only had one UTI in my life, over 10 years ago, I am concerned this might be one - is it too soon after sex to be showing UTI symptoms?

Thanks in advance!
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Interesting Web Site

My cousin shared this link on Facebook today, and I'm still going through the articles that look interesting to me, but I thought a number of the people in this community might find it interesting/helpful, as well.

The Plus-Size Pregnancy Website

There are lots of articles there about fat acceptance, as well as all kinds of things that plus-size women have to deal with, whether pregnant or not. Some of them are things I've heard of before (e.g., PCOS - and the point is made that non-fat women can have PCOS too) and some are new to me (e.g., doctors recommending planned cesareans due to "fat vagina").

Overall, it's just a really positive site (so far). While there are certainly negative things there, the site seems to be about finding ways to be happy with yourself as you are and finding health providers who will support you instead of constantly making you feel badly about yourself.

Just remembered, I should go share this link with my friend who's due in January; she's larger than I am and has had to deal with way more fat-shaming from medical professionals than I have.
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coming off the depo shot...

Hello friends,

It's been a month since I was last due to get my depo shot. When I say one month, I mean one month since the last day possible I could get it and still be considered "on time".

So far, I've just been feeling constant PMS symptoms. Bloating to the extreme, cramping at various intervals, irritability, etc. However, no spotting at all. It's pretty much like nothing is happening. I have felt a few twinges that I could contribute to an ovarian location, but who knows.

I haven't noticed any sort of ovulation symptoms. I always used to get eggwhiteish discharge when ovulating. It's been...well...nothing.

I have basically taken the position of waiting it out to see what happens, but I feel uncomfortable not knowing what may happen at all. I know it takes up to three months for the depo to be out of your system.

Then I ask myself, was it worth it? I was on it for a year...because I was in a very intense school situation and had periods so intense that I just wanted the whole thing to "go away." However, my cycles were always VERY regular, even though they were horrible. Now that the depo is gone, I feel that my "mainstay" has disappeared. I never had periods on the depo from the very beginning, just a little spotting here and there.

Does anyone else have experience with this?

I'm also a little worried about becoming pregnant and somehow not knowing it...because I'm still not having a cycle, but theoretically I could be ovulating. My bf and I have used the pull-out method for years now, very successfully.

Is there anything I can do to help my cycle find its natural rhythm again?