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Me and my boyfriend have been recently diagnosed with chlamydia. I have no idea how that happened. Because I was symptomless, and my boyfriend only got symptoms after having sex with me, I assume it was me who had it first. Is that a reasonable thing to think? Thing is, every single time I have had sex in the past it has been with a condom. I've never ever given a blow job without one, and I've never received oral. The only person I've ever had unprotected sex with is my boyfriend. I have no contact with any of my previous sexual partners and can't ask them about it. This is worrying me because, before being with my boyfriend, I haven't had sex for well over two years. If I've had this for two years without realising, that's quite a scary thought for me. My boyfriend had sex once before (I don't know if it was protected or not - I will ask him when I see him, but I don't want to ask over a text right now). Is it possible that he could have had it all this time and his symptoms have only shown up now? I think I'm probably stretching it with that - I mean, if so, pretty big coincidence that it came up now, huh? I just want to know where it came from. I'm not looking to blame one of us here - well, I suppose I am, but not in a bad way. I just can't figure out how I got it, and if there's a chance that it's come from him I will feel so much more reassured because that means an explanation.

First off, I am absolutely amazed by this lovely group of people and the positive environment it fosters. I am completely on board and hope that I will find the time to participate.

However, my first post involves a question, or I suppose, a call for comments.

I am 39 weeks pregnant (and very excited). About two weeks ago I started experiencing some symptoms: mostly itching, but a bit of red bumpiness with some skin sensitivity--like it didn't want to be touched despite being itchy. I went to my doctor and she told me that it was a yeast infection (which I understand can be common in late pregnancy). It should be said that I am prone to yeast infections, this having been my fourth--however, because it was not IN my vagina (as all previous infections had been), I wasn't totally aware of these symptoms at all--your vulva can't really make a cottage-cheese discharge, but now knowing it was a yeast infection, I recall the reddish areas did have some white patches. Anyway, she gave me some cream and I took it and it went away.

Now, here's the bit that I need some help with. Yesterday my vulva started to feel itchy again, but not nearly as much and there isn't that skin sensitivity or redness--aside from me itching it, which I have stopped doing to see what happens. It should be noted I stopped the anti-fungal cream on Tuesday (though it hadn't itched from the previous Friday), and the itching came again on Friday. Now, as is fairly normal in late pregnancy I've been getting copious amounts of (normal) discharge, that is, there's no smell, no odd colours or anything, just a lot of it. I have read that the amount of discharge alone can make you itchy because it is so damp or it will dry and you will feel itchy that way, or it tickles your pubic hair, etc...

So, it is not as itchy as it was with the yeast infection--I can completely ignore it almost, but since I am giving birth any day now, I wanted to know if anyone had either a) experienced something similar and how did they deal with it, if they did, b) had any other ideas besides it just being extra discharge, c) thinks that it might be a persistent yeast infection and I should bother putting the cream on again (I still have some left) and/or d) some ideas about how it might affect my labour.

Both my husband and I have tested negative for STIs recently.

I see my doctor again on Thursday, for the record. If it's still bothering me, I'm obviously going to bring it up to her, but I'd like to deal with it now!
10:50 am - 09/03/2011

Anal sex preparation

Hi everyone!
I browsed through the tags earlier but didn't quite find what I was looking for. Also, the tags are from years ago so maybe someone has some updated info or tips!

My boyfriend's birthday is on Monday and I wanna do something special...something like anal sex. He has told me numerous times that he wants to share this first with me and is pretty obsessed with my butt, lol. At first I was kind of offended and thought maybe he was getting tired of my vagina, or that I wasn't "tight" enough, but he assured me that I was overreacting and that he loved PIV sex with me but wanted to explore everything with me.

So, once my vagina got over the jealousy of my butt, I decided to be open to the idea. I have been reading about it, and of course now I'm terrified of smelling terrible, getting some type of infection, our pooping all over the place. Here is what I do know:

Never but in bum then vag
Don't force it if it's not going in
Lube, lube, lube.

My boyfriend is extremely well endowed... If that makes a difference.

So tl; dr... Tips to making my first anal sex experience not as shitty (pun intended) as I'm expecting? Things I should and should not do before during and after? positions to avoid? Ways to avoid a messy situation? anything I should or should not do today until Sunday night/monday morning? Any and all advice, please!

Thank you in advance!

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3:11 pm - 09/03/2011


Hey all, I'm freaking out a little and need some advice!

So, two nights ago, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex, which we usually do, as I'm on the pill (Estelle-35 ED) and I'm pretty religious with it. We've both been tested for STD's and came up clear. 

I had been on antibiotics (Amoxicillin) for a nasty flu for the past week, and it had been 4 days since going off Amoxicillin that we had sex. I thought it had been a week, which is the usual time to wait according to my doctor/google, and so now I'm freaking out that I could be pregnant. I know, I was stupid and should have remembered what day I stopped taking the antibiotics, but my googling suggested Amoxicillin doesn't tamper with the pill. Is this true?

The other thing that is making me freak out is the recent outbreak of really thick, glue/jelly-like discharge with brown in it. I've had jelly-like discharge before, since I'm still waiting for a gynecologist appointment since having pain during intercourse, itching and general vulva soreness for the past 2 years. The itching and burning however, has suddenly gotten worse (and it isn't a YI from the antibiotics, since I got that in my mouth instead.. lucky me.) And I've never had blood/brown in it, as some of the spotting is bright red.

What could all this mean? Google isn't the greatest thing to quench fears (cancer, cancer everywhere!)

I'm.. pretty embarrassed about posting my stupidity here, but thank you in advance if anyone has any ideas!

6:34 pm - 09/03/2011

divacup replacement?

I've had my divacup for about a year now...the last two periods, I've had a couple of incidents with the cup leaking. Each time I've checked, and it wasn't because the cup was full...I'm wondering how likely it is that the cup needs to be replaced? I know the manufacturer recommends buying a new cup after a year, but I've also heard of people using theirs for much longer without any problem. I'd think if this were actually an issue with the cup not getting a proper seal due to being "worn out", it would be recurring throughout the entire period, and not just once or twice, right? What do you guys think?

Also, is there any surefire way to determine whether the cup has a full seal? I usually make sure the cup is opened up all the way (I usually use the "push down" fold, if that makes a difference), but otherwise, I'm not sure how to ensure it's positioned properly with a good seal.

If I am being honest I am actually quite confused about the long-term side effects of the pill. I have heard a million dfferent things about it increasing your chances of getting breat cancer to decreasing your chances of getting cervical cancer. I have heard it can effect your fertitliy but was told by  my doctor that there is zero evidence of this when I voiced my concerns. I have heard being on HBC without a break can make you experience dizzyness and I have heard you should take a break after a year of usage. I have side effects I experience now may last forever and they may go away. 

I know there are information packs with ever prescription drug and I have read them but I have been on 3 different 'brands' of the pill in the last 4 years and they all seem to give conflicting evidence and google left me more confused than before. 

Can anyone explain anything about the long-term side effects of HBC to me? It is just all so confusing. I really don't want to do anything that could effect my health in the long run and as I tend to stay on HBC when I am not sexually active because of general skin and mood and cramp complaints I wonder is that the right thing to do.
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