Hello everyone. I posted recently asking about antibiotics and birth control. I learned that antibiotics can make birth control pills less effective, and that I should use a back-up method of protection while I'm on them and for seven days after. Unfortunately, I did not realize this at first and had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a few times..now my period, as it seems, is late. Long paragraphs are monotonous so here are some bullets to describe my situation:

-I've been on Junel Fe since february. I am very good about taking it at the same time every day at 7pm.

-I was diagnosed with a sinus infection on Thursday August 4th and was given amoxicillin (Curiously, my pharmicist did not mention anything about it compromising protection, nor does it mention it on the bottle. Just in the liner notes that came with the prescrip). I took my first dose around 6:30 pm that day. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend Thursday evening, and i believe 1-2 more times between friday and saturday. He did not ejaculate in me any of those times and I'm sure he had urinated before sex each time. At this point I was ending my first week of active pills.

-After I learned about my possible compromised protection, we began to use condoms every time we had sex.

-I went on vacation on August 13th, and was at the end of the 2nd week of active pills at this point. I had nearly finished my antibiotics, but in all the stress of travel and getting settled and doing vacation related things, I did not take the last few doses (I know I know you’re supposed to finish them…oops).

-So now, here I am, August 23rd, and I have yet to have a period. I took my first sugar pill on Sunday, August 21st. Last month my period started right on time, right on the first sugar pill day. This month, however, it has yet to present itself. I swear I’ve felt some cramping, but I’m not sure if that is wishful thinking or what. After today, I've got 4 days of sugar pills left.


-How compromised was my protection? I know they say BC is effected by anitbiotics, but are they assuming that ejaculation is occuring inside the body? I keep thinking “What are the chances I got pregnant from precum in such a short period of time? I would have had to ovulate. Would the antibiotics make me ovulate?”

-It is my understanding that BC is supposed to regulate your cycle, making it more predictable. But, is it normal to have your period come at different times during your sugar pill week? Even though I’ve been on it since Feb, could my body still be getting used to it?

-Do factors such as illness and stress still come into play if one is on BC? Could that be a possible cause? I’ve been stressed the whole vacation, with high anxiety. I also got heat rash from the sun, adding to it all. I usually have some telltale signs before I get a period, but did not notice this week..could be they were absent, or i just did not notice because i was on vacation.

-Is my period technically “late” yet? Is it possible that the antibiotics could have effected my birth control, making it come at a later date?

-When should I be concerned? If I don’t get it by the end of the sugar pill week?

Sorry for the novel. Any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated. Because I've been on vacation I haven't been able to access this site and ask questions, so it's been stressing me out even more. Thanks in advance! You are all so helpful.

EDIT: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLOOD FLOOD HAS BEGUN! :))))))) SO HAPPY! thanks for all your help!!!!
I was recently prescribed Aviane 28 (which is the generic of Alesse 28), and I started taking it on August 5. Previously, I had been on Loestrin FE, but that was from August to October (maybe?) of last year. When I was taking the Loestrin, the most annoying side effect I had was major boob hurtage (which is normal for me when I'm PMSing anyway). With this new HBC, I'm having the same issue, though I also have some minor cramping. I'm assuming the cramping will chill out once my body gets used to the hormones (the cramping wasn't an issue with the Loestrin), especially since I started in the middle of my cycle, but what about the sore boobs? When I took the Loestrin for the few months I did, I had no relief. Since I plan on taking my Aviane for a somewhat longer stretch of time, can I expect the soreness to go away after a few months? I have the feeling that it's just my body's response to the hormones (natural and synthetic), and I'm wary of switching up brands every few months. If the pain is something that will be constant, what suggestions do you all have for decreasing some of the tenderness/soreness (especially since my boyfriend loves to touch my boobs)? I don't want to be taking Ibuprofen constantly, though I'm open to heating pads and the like.

(PS, sorry if you get this twice; I'm x-posting this to birthcontrol)
7:11 pm - 08/22/2011

UTI or something else?

For the record, I've had both UTIs and BV in the past and both displayed very classically. Every UTI I've had started out with me feeling like I had to pee constantly which then progressed to burny, cloudy urine.  BV has always just been greenish-yellow stinky discharge.

Last night after peeing after sex, I noticed that my pee seemed to burn a bit, but then that area continued to burn for most of the night.  My vulvar area has burned to varying degrees for most of today, but it is worst right after peeing.  I also feel kind of abnormally moist in general. I am urinating at a normal rate and the urine is clear/light yellow.  The moistness makes me think it's not a UTI and I was wondering if you all agree with that assessment.  I'm think it is either maybe the beginnings of BV or possibly just an irritated urethra or vagina in general, as I've had sex every day for several days in a row (whereas it's normally more like every other day).

My insurance is not the best, so if it's BV or irritation I'll treat myself, but if Dr. Internet thinks it sounds like a UTI, I'll head to the walk-in clinic tomorrow.
Just wondering if anyone else is on Trinessa. I just got switched to it from Tri Sprintec because apparently Tri Sprintec is no longer available...? Was told that it is an identical pill, and that is fine with me, I prefer the oval packs myself and because of breakthrough bleeding/spotting was going to ask for a matching generic regardless. I have been doing some research though, and things don't appear to be good as far as Trinessa goes with the recalls and pregnancies that occur/ have occurred.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

Also would like to know whether or not you like it, and why. TIA
Hello, Lovelies, once again!

First thing's first: the crazy bump on my thyroid?  Thankfully it's totally benign. Phew!  Thanks, everyone, for your advice and reassuring words.  I'm going to see a specialist just to make sure it wouldn't be a good idea for it to come out just in case it's interfering with anything else, but good to know it's definitely not the worst of the worst.

Secondly, when I was at the OBGYN getting re-prescribed BC for the first time in about 5 years after having been on it for about 8 years prior to that haitus I was prescribed/given free samples of LoEstrin after telling the doc A) I want to stack my BC and skip as many periods as I can cause I really really don't feel a need to be bleeding, crampy, grouchy and out of sorts for a week or more every month and B) wanted help with my skin which has decided to re-visit teenage era breakouts.  Fun fun.  In between the thyroid stuff though I completely forgot what she told me abiout stacking this particular BC.  It looks way different than the Desogen and Yaz I was on way back when.  The last week has 3 blue pills (same as the rest) and then two white pills and then two brown.  Huuur?  So when should I start taking the new pack?  I took the first blue one of my last week today cause I left my new pack at home, but I'm home now so if it's best to take the first pill of my new pack I can.

Related question:  I began the BC the day my period was supposed to start about 3 weeks ago and pretty much every day I've been spotting a bit.  Not enough to get on my underwear if I wipe well and swab up there a bit when I go to the bathroom, but definitely there's some blood.  Sometimes it's brownish/old blood, sometimes it's bright red/newer blood.  I'm 5'8" and about 140 lbs so I think the low dose theoretically should be fine.  As far as I know it's not having any other negative side effects like light headness or anemia as it's not a whole lot of blood loss.  But I'd love it if it would stop.  Bleeding, even a little bit, every single bloody (no pun intended) day for 3 weeks is not my idea of fun.  Any idea if this is normal when stacking and beginning the pill on the day your peroid is supposed to start?  I don't remember this happening at all the last time I was on BC, but then again I think I started when I was like 15. Is this due to it being a low dose pill? If this will taper off soon? If there's a point at which this continues that would be wise to call the doc?  Just figured I'd ask here first since you are all so helpful and available 24/7 where as I'd have to waste my entire lunch hour trying to get a hold of and ask the doctors.  

Thanks, lovelies; you are, as always, much appreciated. 
I have been experiencing a number of symptoms for awhile, and was managing to live with them, but am just getting more and more bothered by them. They're not horrible to live with or anything, but I find some of them a little embarassing and worry that it's a situation that's just going to get worse.

Background: I'm in my early thirties, have had one baby by c-setion, very prematue if that matters. I'm overweight and currently weigh the most I ever have. I've always had a sensitive bladder. I've only  ever wet myself as an adult, duing pregnany. I suffer from hemmorrhoids.

Anyway... the first thing I noticed was that the front wall of my vagina has become... it's hard to desribe. Droopier? It bulges out a lot more than it used to. Im not sure when it started, but I've been noticing it for quite a few years, My uterus acts the same as it always has. However, now when my cervix is really low, the front wall droops all the way to the opening of my vagina; I could pinch it if I wanted. When my cervix is high, my vagina feels more normal. I'm suspcting that ths isn't vagina- or uterus-relalted at all, but that my bladder might be sagging. Or maybe it's both. I also think that I'm having a lttle bladder leakage-- not a lot, but enough to dampen my underwear and make them smell lke ammonia. I get kind of a combo of the urine smell (a bad ammonia smell) with the odor of my natural healthy vaginal discharge (a smell I find pleasing; I don't think I have an infection). I often feel a little gush after pulling up my pants after urinating, but can't tell if it's urine or vaginal discharge. I can often smell myself through my clothes and worry that others can too, which is so embarasing. Any idea what it could be?  I know this is silly, but I fell too self-conscious to bring it up to my doctor yet. My doctor <i>does</i> think I have vaginal thinning from low estrogen. and has presibed me a suppository cream

I also think I may have a varicose vein on my inner left labium. It's not at all painful and I usually only notice it when Ive beeen sitting on the toilet for awhile or when I strain (not sure atually which of those two things it is that makes it pop out since they tend to go hand-in-hand). I did  not get these during pregnancy. I have them nowhere else. AFAIK, they do not run in my family. I dont have spider veins either. As long as it's not bothering me, I'm not too worried, but I do worry it could become worse and possibly more painful during a future pregnancy (I've read that's common), but am expecially worried that it could be a precursor of them developing in my legs. Basically-- do I need to do anything about it and can I prevent them elsewhere?
Hi, VPers! I'm in need of your help.

I'll start from the beginning. A couple weeks ago, I was walking through some very tall grass and ended up with a ton of chigger bites on my legs and lower torso, including a few along my bikini line on the right side. I tried hard not to scratch them, but I slipped up a few times. They began to clear up, but then, about a week ago, I accidentally irritated my bikini line again by shaving. I wound up with some shave bumps, but nothing too extreme.

Since then, I've been noticing a lot of irritation in that area. For one thing, it's itchy -- at times almost unbearably so -- and sometimes painful. At first, I thought that I'd just irritated the chigger bites by shaving, and that was keeping them from healing and going away like the others on my legs have. Now, though, I'm beginning to wonder if I may have a fungal infection, maybe something like a yeast infection on the skin?

Basically, my entire bikini line is itchy and irritated. A smaller section, however, is very red, itchy, painful, dry, and peeling. I still have some itchy and painful bumps, which, now that I think about it, might be something other than shave bumps.

I'm even more concerned now because, a few minutes ago, my boyfriend showed me that he has a couple small patches of dry, peeling skin on his shaft. He said that he's not experiencing any itching, though. Could we have the same thing? And if so, what exactly is it?

I have been putting hydrogen peroxide on the area today, but have not applied any anti-fungal creams. I also applied some Gold Bond lotion, which caused the area to burn a bit.

Any ideas, VPers? It's late and I'm sleepy, so feel free to ask for clarification if something doesn't make sense.

Also, any ideas on some home remedies for the itchiness, at least until I can get to a doctor? It's driving me up the wall!
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