July 28th, 2011


Ovarian epilogue, plus questions about laparoscopy

Hey folks -

I posted here a few weeks ago because I was concerned about possibly having ovarian cancer. I had my surgery on Monday, and those of you who suggested it was endometriosis were correct. I never thought that diagnosis would make me so happy :P So first of all, thanks everyone for the information and encouragement. Y'all played a big part in keeping me even somewhat sane over the past few weeks.

And because I'm me, I have a question. I've been having minor vaginal bleeding since the surgery, which the nurse told me was normal, but she couldn't tell me WHY. It wasn't from actually having the endometriosis scraped off that area - I believe I only had it chilling out on my ovaries and in my bladder (which really explains a lot about my various urinary issues), though I'm not 100% sure, since I was still pretty out of it when I talked to the surgeon. So...does anyone know why this is? Google is only telling me that yes, it's common, but I can't find a reason. Anyone know?

I was also interested in what my surgeon said about high CA 125 levels - specifically that it's actually not a hugely useful tool in diagnosing ovarian cancer, but that it's showing itself to be much more useful on detecting the presence of endometriosis.

New VP Home? We need your help!

Dear Fellow Superstars,

With LJ being nigh inaccessible lately--and it's not the first time this has happened--we here at the VP Team are pretty concerned that VPers can't get their questions and concerns addressed in a timely fashion. Given the often urgent nature of many posts, we want folks to get the answers they need as quickly as possible.

That said, we wonder what you think about the fate of LJ and whether or not LJ is still the best home base for VP. Do you have ideas about how we can do right by VP in the face of LJ's (perceived?) decline?

We are tossing around the idea of (re-)creating some stand-alone VP forums, and we already have a presence on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. The social networking is good times and a great supplement to VP, but it is no substitute for the community we've created here. We would be happy to keep VP around on LJ, but are looking into additional alternative places/ways to host a community, too.

We wanted to post a poll, but of course the "Create a poll" page won't load. So here are our questions for you in closing:

1. What do you think about the fate of VP on LJ? Is LJ still the best home base for VP? Do you have ideas?

2. Would you still participate in VP if it lived somewhere besides LJ?

Thanks. :)

For the VP Team
vpteam @ vaginapagina.com

Ultrasound questions

I finally faced my fear of all things medical and went to the doctor/OBGYN after 5 years of avoiding it (fear due to all sorts of things including giving up control, past history of sexual assault, needles, and general "i'd rather not know if anything's wrong with me" attitude).  Good news: despite minor hyperventilation there were no needles and the exam went well and the doctor was nice.  The bad news: they found a lump on my thyroid.  She was shocked and said, "You've never felt that before?!" No, I hadn't, but there's definitely one there.  It's about the size of a large gumball from those crazy machines (I don't know why that's the only comparison I can think to make) and it's right above that little hollow in at the base of your throat.  I'm now officially freaking out and scared to death.  She said it might just be a 'lipoma' or you know it could be something terribly worse.  I generally distrust doctors to give me the truth if it might look bad so I don't know even know what to think.  I'm going in for an ultrasound tomorrow but having spent 5 years outside the realm of it, I have no idea how long it will take to find out if you know, my life is going to altered irrevocably by something like cancer or you know, not.  I'm a 27 year old cis-gendered female, have Providence health insurance in Portland, OR if that makes any kind of difference.  Just looking for some information and stories if anyone else has been through this, knows what to expect, and when I could possibly get my results back.  Thanks so much for all your support, VPers, it has meant the world to me and even though I was too scared to go the doctor's for 5 years, I felt well informed about my questions and what I wanted out of my visit and felt better about my fears thanks to all the wonderful wonderful info and advice here over the years. I really appreciate you all.  TIA.

P.S. The one part that weirded me out/made me feel like the doc wasn't creating the 'safe space' I'm so gloriously used to around here was when I was explaining my fears about lack of control and she said, "just wait for WHEN you get pregnant."  Just struck me as very very presumptuous and potentially hurtful to someone who may not be ABLE to get pregnant.  If I hadn't been so freaked out with my own issues, I probably would have spoken up. 

stacking nuvaring?

Sorry to keep posting so many questions about the nuvaring! I started it on the 1st to deal with migraines and insomnia around my period. Nothing my neurologist was throwing at me was working then, so they referred me to a gyno. He thought it was due to low estrogen. He wanted me to put it in on the 1st and take it out on the 25th and see him again in September. If I was still getting migraines when I took it out, he mentioned leaving it in all month and not getting a period.

Well I took it out on Monday around midnight because I couldn't sleep. My period started around 1PM and I've had a massive migraine since Tuesday that nothing is touching.

I called and spoke to the nurse about just leaving it in all month since we were going to discuss that in September anyway, I just can't deal with the headaches once a month till then. She told me it was okay to leave it in all month and just put a new one in on the 1st, but I had to take it out a get a period on the 3rd month.

She said they could call something in for the migraines on the 3rd month, but does that sound right? Dealing with a week long migraine every 3 months definitely sounds better than once a month, but I would rather not deal with it at all and the nuvaring never really did help with the insomnia, so I'm going to have to bring that up to my psychiatrist next month even though she has told me I've tried everything and she doesn't know what else to prescribe me

Nuvaring/yeast infection ....need new birth control ideas plz.

So I started the nuvaring this past month and at first all was well no side effects and couldnt feel it during sex. Then I started having side effects like mood swings but still I can handle that. I took it out the 3rd week on Sunday (period week) and woke up Monday with the yeast infection from HELL!!! Seriously this is a deal breaker for me I suffer from chronic yeast infections to begin with so I dont want to deal with anymore than I have to. This is by far the worst yeast infection Ive ever had! I even had to take two rounds of meds since yeast arrest wasnt working. I had to use monistat and man does that stuff burn! By the way dont really know what happened to my period it never came. Took a prego test so I know im good. I used protection the 2 times I had sex (maybe the ring did that too? wasnt feeling sexy) So the nuvaring is definately out! Now I need a new form of birth control. I know we all handle BC methods differently. Yet I really would like to know if anyone has found a birth control method that doesnt give them yeast infections? Thanks!
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paranoid or pregnant?

 I hate to sound annoying or naive, but I am having a bit of a pregnancy scare and I could use some advice. All I've been finding elsewhere on the internet is "you are pregnant, sorry" or just really insensitive, irrational comments.

First off, I would like to say that I have pretty regular periods and usually a 28/29 day cycle. I SHOULD get my next period on August 6. I got my last period on July 9th, and on July 15, I had sex. I still had some bleeding that morning. I decided that it would probably be alright (or less risky) to use the pull out method because I was a week or so from ovulation.  I assume we used the method "perfectly." He did urinate before ejaculating, he did not ejaculate inside of me, and there was no penetration after he ejaculated. All the necessary precautions were taken, and then some. At the time, I was convinced that there was no reason to be concerned.

A few days later, I started feeling like I had made a terrible decision. I'd read about how pre cum contains sperm and people DO get pregnant that way, so that made my fears worse. I have also been known to obsess about things and make myself sick. So, I suppose I am a hypochondriac. I've been feeling tired, headachey (but perhaps from caffeine withdrawal), and having back aches. Yesterday night, I began getting cramps and feeling generally terrible. I've convinced myself that I was having implantation cramps. If I ovulated on either the 23 or 24, would it be too soon for me to even have implantation? Usually, I have constant PMS symptoms and general crankiness, but for some reason, I don't remember if I have ever experienced that sort of cramp before. 

I feel like I am rambling here, but could anyone help me out? Am I being a complete nutcase? I would like to think my mind has mutated my PMS symptoms into something else, but I am not in the right state of mind to determine what is normal or not. Thanks, everyone. I appreciate what a safe, non-judgmental place this is. My poor boyfriend is about to go crazy from my paranoia.