June 14th, 2011

Birth Control + Yeast Infections

Hello there! First time shy poster using account signed-up solely for posting here (in-case you are wondering why the account-creation date was so recent).

For the record, I am a 29 year old female, a virgin and I went to my GP approximately 2 weeks ago to obtain BC-pills because I am intending to become sexually active.

My GP decided to prescribe Levlen-ED, which is a form of the combined-pill. On the advice of my GP I started in the white-area zone (sugar-pill) of my Levlen-ED BC-pills on the first day of my period and said period finished on Day 4. On Day 6 the coloured (active) Levlen-ED BC-pills were to be taken and so I did that. However on Day 8 I developed a yeast-infection and took myself back to the GP. The GP said that this was not necessarily to be blamed on the BC-pills so I continued to take them along with yeast-infection treatment (Canesten 3-Day).

It is now Day 14 and the yeast infection has not gone away at all despite treatment. After doing some reading around on the internet I have discovered that the combined-pill can cause persistant yeast-infections in some ladies. Not to mention, it has killed my libido completely. I have booked another GP appointment about this but I cannot help but feel confused. How long does it take for hormones to settle? I hope I am not stuck with constant yeast-infections as they are positively no fun. Should I be switching to a different brand or perhaps the mini-pill?

Thank you for reading. I am most annoyed at this point and in need of some advice.
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Skipped period with birth control

 Hey everyone, I have a quick question, I couldn't find any answers digging through here or through google, so hopefully someone can help. :)

I just got back from a 4 week long trip to Germany to visit my boyfriend. So before I left, I grabbed an extra pack of birth control pills because I didn't want to get my period during my last week there. But now that I'm back, and on my fifth week of active pills, should I continue to take the pills and wait for my period in three weeks like usual? Or can I stop and expect my period sometime this week?

Ovary pain from urination

When my bladder is really full (like, when I wake up in the morning), during and after urination my ovary area will sometimes be very sore. Could this be a sign of endometriosis or PCOS? I have a family history of endometriosis and have other factors that seem to point in that direction.

Loestrin side effects, or indication of pregnancy?

Hi, everyone! I have a question about some recent symptoms I've been experiencing.

I've been taking Loestrin since November, and I didn't really suffer from any side effects. However, I've been experiencing light spotting, cramping, and breast tenderness for the past 4 days. I'm on Day 16 of my cycle and I didn't miss my last period. I've always taken my pills within a 2 hour time frame, and I've never missed a day. My mind still jumped to pregnancy anyway, even though I know it's far too early for physical symptoms to manifest. I just took a test, figuring I'd at least rule out my last period not actually being a period, and it was negative. So if I didn't miss my last period, and it's too early to have conceived and feel symptoms...what gives? Please give me some idea of what could be going on. Also, if I'm not pregnant, am I still protected even though I've been spotting? Thank you so much for your awesome help over the years!

Am i pregnant?

Hi VPeeps! I need your help! I dont know if I am pregnant or not but I am sure hoping im not. We'll as you can see, my period is running late for almost 14 days now. My cycle (i dont really have a regular cycle) usually lasts for 35 days. I get my period more or less on the 35th day of my cycle. My boyfriend and I always use a condom. We only do it when im suposedly safe, meaning we dont do when Im on the middle of my cycle. I already took pregnancy tests after I missed my period. I took it on the 6th, 8th and 10th day after I missed my period. All of them came out negative. Sometimes I feel like there's activity, meaning slight cramping, on my belly area. However, still no sign of my period. I dont have any pregnancy symptoms yet so Im pretty hoping im not preggy. What do guys think?

Btw, the month before that, I was really stressed with my thesis. 
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going off Monofeme

Hey folks!

I am going in for a Mirena consultation next week and, barring any unforseen roadblocks, will make an appointment for insertion. I've been on Monofeme bcp for around 3 years. I'm going on holiday to Germany and Ireland with my family for four weeks in August; since my partner isn't coming I thought it would be a good time to go off HBC altogether for a bit so that I can better monitor the potential side effects from mirena.

BUT I also don't want to be a moody mess for my holiday. On my placebo week I get a a little emotionally sensitive/volatile. I've heard people say they've had ongoing effects coming off HBC, and since I'll already be a little whiny being away from my S.O I don't want to exacerbate things...so what do you folks think? Good/bad idea? Anecdotal evidence?

Many thanks!

EDIT: I should clarify I indend to have my insertion *after* my holiday, in case that wasn't clear.

need i say more...

Well I guess, it might be more befitting how this all happened, rather than flash a paper in your faces. Well I guess it isn't how it all happened we all know how babies are made don't we? I think the real thing is what lead up to this wonderful moment. Well what posts I've had in the past so this doesn't sound like I just plopped news into your laps which it almost feels like that which in that case--sorry girlies.

Well a few months ago, I asked the most illogical question in America, can someone who can't orgasam get pregnant. Mainly because I was told if you didn't you couldn't ge pregnant. I was havinga fear that that might be my case. I was trying for months to no avail, and I'm sure I've asked about cysts and pregnancy.

Just a little over a week ago, I was explaining about an issue I was having with what I thought was CM, and Cervix position. I knew nothing, I was sure I was either pregnant (I wasn't going to hold my breathe though because I was let down so many times in the past), or my hormones went rampent. I can't even remember what I said then. Well--needless to say Tuesday I went to the doctor because I was about 80/20 that I had a hormonal issue because I had yet to see my lovely monthly friend in the last 1 1/2 months. I was sure there was something the doctor could do to, "Fix" me.

After about an hour and 15 minutes of waiting in the wiating room, anxiously to see what was wrong with me and what I could do--I had no clue why I was feeling aweful. The doctor gave me a look and asked me how long I have been without a period, you know my thought was, "Great I do have something wrong and the doctors going to have to give me some hormones or something. Then she went to say, "I know you have been worring for awhile that you couldn't get pregnant. Well that's not the case." I wish I had some kind of camera, I think that my face was as blank as they come.

So yes that is basically the story of my little test


*sigh* another "am I preggers?" post...

My period was supposed to start on Sat and I am usually a very regular gal. I typically have cramps the day before I start then the first day or so when I actually start. Been the same for 10+ yrs now. Needless to say I've been having the cramps since friday and period is yet to arrive. I also have tender breasts which usually go away the day I start. They are more of a all over soreness than typically it's just the sides. My question is can I be having cramps like this if I'm pregnant? I googled a bit and some people are saying no absolutely not so I feel a bit better. I know I should just tough it up and wait it out but I would just like to know for now and possibly future reference. Has anyone experienced this before?