Hullo VPers!

I've been hesitating to ask about this in here because by now I'm fairly convinced my reproductive system is not actually involved in this problem. But I'm really at a loss here and could use some help - and I know I've seen some poo questions in here before, so I'm hoping it's okay! If not, my apologies.

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Got a question for you lovely VPers. Is it possible to still have UTI symptoms without a UTI?

The backstory, to the best of my ability: Two weeks ago, right after my period started, I noticed a familiar pain in my side and took myself to the walk-in to get some antibiotics. Was diagnosed with a UTI, got a three-day course of Cipro and completed it, but through all of this, I had the sensation that someone was just sort of squeezing my torso, occasionally with little stabby bits of flank pain (mostly on the right side, sometimes on the left). This lingered throughout the drug course, and after, so when my period ended, I went to my health center. Gave a sample there, there was blood but no white blood cells/nitrates, so the doc didn't give me drugs and suggested that my body was still inflamed from the infection (and/or I was passing small kidney stones). Basically, I was told to wait it out. I did, and last Tuesday I was up to fighting form again. (I even got me a little oral sex on the side, and yes, I was very careful in my anti-UTI regimen.) Two days after that, the pain is back, and I'm hit with a bout of urgency unlike anything I've ever felt. Like, chained to the toilet at four in the morning. I headed back to the health center, where I peed in a cup again and was given a quick pelvic, but the doc said everything looked and felt fine in my ladybits, and once again, no signs of infection in the urine. (She swabbed for STDs and sent the urine to the lab for another test of some unspecified sort, and I was told I'd be called with any negative results - nothing so far.) She recommended AZO (well, Uristat, but couldn't find that in any of the drugstores I went to) for the urgency and frequency, but I'm still peeing up a storm. I've never had urgency like this before, and it came on out of nowhere.

For what it's worth, I've got a follow-up appointment in two weeks, and a for-reals gyno appointment shortly thereafter, but I wanted to hear if anyone else had experienced anything like this. As you can tell from the timestamp, I'm still awake and kind of desperate.
Talk me down VP-ers!

My husband and I had sex on Monday night/Tuesday morning (around 3 AM). He finished inside me and we celebrated this victory since we've haven't be able to have good penetrative sex in a long while due to Vaginitis/Vulvar Vestibulitis. I've had the implanon since December '08, and it's scheduled to come out December of this year. I have not had any type of bleeding at all since February '09 (and I mean none, no spotting, no light bleeding, nothing). I wake up today and I'm bleeding (I don't know if I would even consider this a period or just random bleeding, but it's enough that I felt the need to use a pad). What's up with that? No cramps, no signs that it was coming, nothing! I'm worried that this is a sign my protection is somehow compromised. Getting pregnant is absolutely not in the cards right now.

My overly paranoid mind is telling me I should get Plan B. But, I know that if I'm bleeding right now I'm probably not ovulating right now.

This is just new and different.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
I've never stacked birth control pills before, but I'm considering because my withdrawal bleed is scheduled to happen right around the time I'm getting married. Having my withdrawal bleed during my wedding just seems like added stress that I don't want to deal with. I already have the rest of the year's worth of pills here, so it wouldn't be interfering with a prescription or anything. I'm on the monophastic pill Sronyx, and, like I said, I've never stacked any pill before. Do you think that stacking is an option or would break through bleeding be likely to occur since my body isn't used to it?

Just some additional information if it's necessary...I'm 26, have regular periods when I'm not on HBC, and have had one pregnancy.

1:50 pm - 05/11/2011

Vitamin C and Periods

So I posted a few days back that my period is late for the first time since having regular periods for about 9-10 years. While I understand that even though I've been so regular for so long, things can happen and periods can come late. But Now I'm about 5-7 days late and starting to panic. My breasts have become so sore today too (which could just be late pms if I indeed ovulated late). But I've also have been cramping for about 7 days now which is scaring me. Hopefully its just a very late, fluky period.

Anyway...does vitamin c work to induce a period? Are there other methods as well? I just want to give it a try and if by Friday or Saturday it doesn't work...I'll take a test and be more comfortable with its results (altho not entirely 100 percent if its negative (which I pray it is!!))

So anyone have experiences using such inducing methods? How did you go about it?

Thank you :)

Your responses mean the world to me. I'm absolutely emotionally obsessing because although a condom broke and I'm NOT on BC pregnancy just seems so low since there was no ejaculatory fluid in the condom. So if I was, it would truly be such a bad drawn straw luck.

Hi everyone!

So this is going to be a little bit confusing...a lot went on in a really short amount of time. Cut for length.


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3:45 pm - 05/11/2011

Silicone dildo storage

Thanks to the recommendations here, I just bought my first 2 dildos, both Tantalus pure silicone toys. I won't be able to use them for a little while yet, and I plan on setting them on my desk to stare at until I get used to the idea of them (some penetration-related anxiety). Of course, they're both lint/dust magnets. Is the best way to store them just open, or would it be better to keep them in their plastic casing/box? I'm trying to prevent pre-use washing (I would prefer only to have to do post-use washing, if it's possible) and also prevent dust and lint from getting in my bits, as well.
5:29 pm - 05/11/2011

stacking gianvi?

i have been taking gianvi (yaz generic) for a month now (and fyi, LOVE IT, though my acne still hasn't cleared up, grr) and just took my last active pill before the sugar pills today. i really don't want my period this (really busy) month, so should i start a new pack at the beginning or start on a certain week of pills? my google-fu is failing me at the moment, and if anything, is just confusing me more.

thanks so much vp :)
7:16 pm - 05/11/2011

Implanon and Breast Growth

Hello all!  I've had my Implanon for 11 months now, and noticed no breast growth when I started it.  For the past 6-8 weeks, my breasts and nipples have been sore-- not non-stop, but whenever I touch them or bounce around without a bra.  It's similar to how they felt when I used to have PMS on the pill-- just sore and tender, with no acute/shooting pains.  My breasts have also grown slightly.  Can this be related to the Implanon, even though I've had it for awhile and there's no estrogen?  Or is it more likely that this is a random growth spurt, and the soreness is just related to the growth?

I'm not particularly worried about my breasts getting bigger.  I just want to make sure it isn't a sign of something wrong/changing with my birth control.

Other (maybe) relevant things:
- I'm not pregnant (see below)
- I had a heavy heavy period 2 weeks ago that I'm still spotting from.  I think this is because a few days prior I started antibiotics, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
- My acne has also cleared up in the 4 weeks.  This confuses me because both breast growth and skin changes are associated with estrogen, which isn't in the Implanon... so, I'm confused.  This also may not be relevant.

Thanks for any ideas or input!!
Hey people,

Does anyone know of a good website for tracking my cycle? Since going off HBC in August they've been pretty drawn out (5-6 weeks between periods), and I just got an IUD last month, so I'd like to keep better track of things. Putting little red stars on my family calendar isn't the ideal method. :)

Any recos for good ways to track online? Thanks!!
I just thought I would share this, even though I don't particularly need advice on it, just for general edification and sharing.

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hello all!

so i recently discontinued my hbc (the nuvaring) because i suspected it was making my skin go absolutely crazy with acne. a week after i stopped the nuvaring, my acne had already improved, and now, a month later, my face is almost completely clear - a drastic improvement from the painful blemishes i was getting all over my face on a near daily basis before. eta: i'm also a semi-regular smoker (bad, i knoooow D:) and was nervous about blood clots.

i am on a medication called trileptal, an anti-seizure medicine that is prescibed to me as a mood stabilizer, along with my antidepressant. trileptal makes pill form of birth control significantly less effective, which is why i was on the nuvaring. now, i had been on the nuvaring for two years before it started causing severe problems with my skin, which doesn't make much sense to me; however i have heard thatr our hormones change every so often and as i had turned 18 five months prior to when the problems started, i suppose it could just be that my body chemistry and the nuvaring just ain't compatible anymore.

my so and i have been apart so i haven't been sexually active since i stopped the bc. i don't know what to do now, however, because he doesn't really like condoms and honestly neither do i. and i would rather not have any hormonal birth control as i'm very scared to mess up my skin again; and even if i did go on hbc my options are very limited - basically just the depo shot, which i have heard bad things about. i suppose that i could discontinue my trileptal and start a low-dose pill, but i don't want to mess with my brain chemistry, either.

i'm at a loss. the few options i can see now are as follows:
a) discontinue trileptal and start on a low-dose pill
b) suck it up and use condoms
c) rely on the pull-out method

however, would an iud be a good option for a girl like me? i think they have hormones though, right? i would really love to have one, though. a year or so back i asked my gyno about getting one and she didn't seem particularly opposed to the idea (i ♥ my gyno) but i'd like to know what you guys think.

any input would be wonderful. i'd love to hear what you think about the iud and also if you could suggest any other forms of non-hormonal bc.

one last thing; how do i track my cycle/find out my fertile and infertile days? i'm not too sure as i wasn't getting regular periods for a long time due to the nuvaring so i've never done it before.

i know that got long, sorry! & thank you so, so much for any help you can give. i really appreciate it.
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