Ok here's the story:

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This is the LAST question about this - I promise. Ok, so basically, I've got this ovarian cyst, which hurts like a mother****er and is taking its sweet time going away. The ER doctor gave me some Percocet to help with the pain, and it definitely does. However, I'm not much one for medication. I mean, I even hesitate to take Tylenol, so I think this stuff is pretty potent to me. I'm only taking a half a pill and its controlling my pain JUST fine. In fact, it even makes me want to take a nap for the first hour of every dose. Unfortunately, the real problem is that I haven't had a bowel movement in a couple of days, basically since starting the Percocet. Before taking the medication, I had very limited bowel movements for several days because it HURT so much to bear down with that dang cyst.

So....basically now I'm afraid to even try to have a BM (I don't feel like I need to anyway?) because as "backed up" as I am, it's going to hurt like a sonofabeach. I don't really want to throw any more meds into my system, but maybe an OTC laxative would help? Any home remedies? I eat oatmeal for breakfast every day and have been eating yogurt for lunch to try to help things MOVE THROUGH.

My period has been out of control lately. As in, over the past 3 and a half months, I've had it 6 times. And it's not short or light. It starts with heavy spotting, heavy enough that I think it's a light period. That lasts a week. Then as soon as I think it's over,  the main event shows up with cramping and heavy bleeding (35+ mL in a day) and lasts 3-5 more days. This starts all over again 2 weeks later.

I am not currently taking hormonal birth control and would prefer not to. The 3 I have tried  (ortho-evra, nuva ring and yaz) caused me to gain weight, have migraines, serious mood swings, made my boobs grow and completely killed my sex drive, so much so that until a few months ago, I thought I just didn't like sex. 

So, my question: Is there anyway to get my cycle under control without hormonal birth control? I've read a few things about inducing ovulation naturally, but that's kind of the opposite of what I'm trying to do.

I do have a history of severe endometriosis and had a pretty intense surgery about a year and a half ago. As far as I can tell pain-wise, my endo has not returned. When my endo was at it's worst, my period completely stopped. 

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Hi, guys. Just a quick question..

I currently use a menstrual cup (Mooncup), but I've noticed that on my current period my cup has been overflowing with blood every hour, normally it is never this much. That's over 30ml of blood p/h, all day and night, it's a little troublesome, but my cramps aren't too bad at the moment, I'm only on my second day of my bleed so far.

Is this anything to be worried about? It just seems like.. an awful lot of blood. Is it?

Thank you! :)
9:18 pm - 03/13/2011

bleeding and pregnancy

okay, honestly this is something that scares most women I know... but bleeding that seems like a period while actually being pregnant... I've heard and read a few things elsewhere but really... what is it supposed to be like? I have SHORT periods... 1-2 days but the blood is dark brown and not too heavy (I can usually use 2-4 pads) so I was wondering (not because I think I am pregnant but because I am a curious being) if I WERE to bleed while pregnant could I actually confuse it with my period?

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